Friday, September 24, 2010


OMGOSH so what are ya'll doing for 'DA DAY'??! I say what could be better than nubi..let's be completely real. with a candle on top! and my picture on a seat and my own cup of nubi ! ya ya ! Well I sent some pictures for you mom..and I'm gonna be writing you your own letter today. Cuz in all honesty, WHO is the star this month!!! ... you are. :)
  jajaja my jokes are getting lamer and lamer and LAMER! But when we say these horrible unfunny Mormon jokes, this Elder, Elder Rindlisbacher said, "well. if noone laughs at them here, at least the people on the other side are laughing." in his silent but deadly voice haha
  well ANYway, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! And the letters.. unnnfortunately. Remember that whole "laman and lemuel murmuring" thing we had going on with our District ?
We could only complain a total of 10 times in one week.. between 8 people. And if we hit 10 times, we couldn't open our letters til today..Friday.
And TELL ME WHY we walked into class on Tuesday morning and saw 9 CHECKS on the board, and after lunch there was another one! So I didn't get to read anything until last night haha. Talk about finding new ways to push yourself. haha I'm totally kidding that made me sound so weak.
But I thank you. I feel like here I get so much more than I deserve, it almost makes me feel bad getting DearElders, or just the friendly "Hola Hermanas!" from all the Elders that brighten our days SO MUCH. Not that I won't take it..! It's just way humbling. I don't feel like I do nearly enough to deserve what I get back. From here, from all of you. It's in.credible. So thank you SO MUCH.
  Can you beLIEVE it's been the one month! 17 mas to go JOLLA ! (holla) ahah, the time goes by so quick, it's unreal. ! But anyway. I love you. I don't really remember what I must have said about being homesick ? But I'm getting allll of this support, so I thank you all! I'm fine, I must have had a bad day. But the letters and e-mails and encouragement have mos DEF. strengthened me. SPEAKING of which!! The Deyo's are leaving soon right??! I need their new address, because Brother Deyo wrote me a letter that I read and cried to last night. So um. I need to respond. :) ahah
  So I didn't make a list of what to write. I don't really feel like an e-mail should come out of a list, because this is as close as I feel to ya'll every week while still feeling close to the Lord here :) so where do I start!
  Soooo. This week we started teaching in Spanish. And it was okay! I was scared the first time, but an Elder said if there's ANY place to mess up, it's in the MTC haha. So! I don't feel so bad about making mistakes. It's so weird how close everyone becomes here. I know I'm not supposed to have them, but my 2 absolute FAVORITE Elders here are leaving for Nicaragua on Monday, and even thoguh I've only known them for a month, I couldn't imagine NOT knowing them ! Loco right !
  Ummm. I'm gonna do the spiritual stuff now. Ya'll should go on and watch Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk "The Great Commandment".. WATCH, not read ! He was weak from being older, and he's up there shaking trying to hold himself up to deliver his entire talk and would NOT sit down. And needless to sayyy. It was a pretty up-there talk too :p oh! And with family prayer, ya'll should read D&C 6:32 together. I thought about family prayer with it, and it kind of showed me how strong the Spirit is in da casa when family prayer goes on.. just read it I guess, and you'll know what I mean. C:
  ummmm ! um um ! I wannatalk about something other than gospel so ya'll will think there's more to me, but that's all there is over here! haha, OH! OH my gosh! So you know how last week I got to go to "Babylon" to get shoes? Welll. We got along BAMB(haha) with the lady that drove us, and she told us about her homemade salsa that's apparently FAMOUS with missionaries, cuz she's had 4 or 5 missionaries out. And she said she'd make us some and to meet her on Thursday. And YOU KNOW how missionaries don't forget when you say to meet them. So we met her ! And she brought us salsa and a big bag of chips, so in behalf of Big Momma's birthday, since we're broke and salsa's good, we're gonna have a Fiesta de Salsa for lunch. ..Don't translate that into English though, it won't sound as cool haha :p
  Ahhh I hate not knowing what to say. Considering I don't really have the time to not know haha. But I love you all so much. I appreciate you and pray for you every day. My ward family, my eternal family. My work family. My neighbors. Every single person that BEST NOT forget about me ! ahah, know that you're in my mind. I'm doing my best, and OH!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU NAMED OUR DOG DAKOTA AND NOT CHICO. Where was I in this ! ahah. I'm kidding. I wanna see pictures. :p
OoooKAY well! I'll try to leave a little Spanish!
La iglesia de JesuCristo es la iglesia verdadera, y todas las personas en el mundo necesitan escuchar sobre el evangelio. La expiacion puede ayudar nosotros mucho, y es muy importante por nuestro salvacion. En este vida, tenemos la oportunidad a ser cerca con nuestro Padre Celestial y ser felicidad, pero solomente si guardar los mandamientos. La iglesia y el evangelio son verdadera. Jose Simth fue un profeta verdadera y restaurar esta iglesia al mundo. En el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.
  So! I butchered that I'm SHO. But I tried! I love you!!
PAZ FACIL. (Peace easy)
Hermana Lia Michele Batchkoff

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