Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter to Gina - 9/12/2010

It's weird. Being on a mission shows me everyday new weaknesses... ALL day everyday it seems like. Like Yesterday we taught a lesson and i came here thinking i  could teach by connecting with people most, not even realizing theres a format/ lesson plan to doing it! We're supposed to  use that and connect it with people, so nowww i start all over and learn the lessons! LOCO! But my spanish seems to be getting, at least. I help Hermana Hollan w/ her espanol and she helps me with the lessons!
So! Anywho ! Your joke about the white sweats had me rollin! aha, you should hear the things our zone tries to think up to say in espanol, cuz we're supposed to speak our language allll the time, as much as we can.
So i figured out "homeboy" is "casanino" haha. and to say "you're cool" we'll say "su frio"...meaning like. Literally cold. ahah. It's so lame. But cool, because we're all on the same page saying nothing BUT mormon jokes. :P
Umm. what else. The Deyos sent me a card! Abbey sent me a little "letter" first, HOW CUTE  is that? haha.
OH! hey! You know that fasting deal you have? I asked mi maestro (teacher) about it so you might find use in fasting and he said automatically "John 7:17" and said that if you do it with a willing heart and a purpose, you WILL be able to gain a testimony of it. As long as you are totally and completely sincere and willing to keep the commandment of the fast. for the Lord!

Haha there's an Elder here, Elder Goggins. And this other Elder calls him "Elder Gaga". Isn't that GENIUS.
Okay Bye. Haha
Keep blowing up my envelops! I save them!!


Love always,
Hermana Lia Batchkoff

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