Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/28/2010 - Letter

i Mi Familia !
Holaaa ;) Como le va! So this MTC is ridiculous haha. not a bad ridiculous houg. I don't really know all that i covered in the email, cuz it says in REALLY big and red how much time we have to write in the corner. Lia a full-on countdown, so i was just racing to clock talking about all i could! hah.
So um. The spanish is coming. I've realized it's all truly about our attitudes how we make our time here. I was talking to an Elder who said he hated it here because of the food. Because of the food!  I think its all how you make it. They serve SO much fruit by the way ;) i eat pineapple and honeydew almost everyday haha. Talk about V.I.P treatment ! I'm an hermana livin la vida! haaha.

It's so funny you know how i had crackers and stuff to bring here? Mi companera brought Honey nut chex, granola and granola bars hahaha! Don't get me wrong though, i do miss ya'll. SO SO much! But i really don't have time think about that too much, except for when i get pictures out and stuff. It really IS like living in a whole different world here haha. Because there aren't any families so i don't have time to think about or dwell on any of it!...Not that i don't think about you though...sorry. My mind's just racing ALL the time so now that i have time to sit for a second and write, i don't really know how to slow down. haha

Oh my gosh. Thank you SO SO MUCH for the little cards and everything in my luggage and stuff! I haven't gotten th time to read them yet, but as SOON as i do i will. And that everyone for me! I know i have, but i feel like i can't thank them enough! :)
OH! and i saw Elder Stewart twice! It's so weird seeing him here. Like these 2 worlds- yours and the MTC- have collided. aha. Like the big bang theory...? no? Okay :(

I love ya'll SO SO much. Thank you for ALL the letters. The dearelders, and most of all the suppoty and payers. I'm BEYOND happy to hear you all are happy!

Teamo!!! Remember to reflect yourself to others as a disciple of Jesus Christ, ALWAYS! In everything you do! What would Jesus Do es MUY importante, no matter who we are!

Tu missionary,
Hermana Lia Batchkoff

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I GET 5 DAYS A WEEK TO EXERCISE FOR 30 MINUTOS!! AND! They started these workout classes like kickboxing and stuff para a half hour every morning for the hermanas only!!! OMGOSH. So hola mi familia bonita!! I have to say, the MTC (C.C.M. en espanol ;) ) is nothing we would ever expect, but at the same time EVERYthing hahah.. it really IS like a dorm. And mi companera esta muy AMAZING. hahaha, we run cada dia and she loves to work out! Our first day with each other, we were walking fast and this lady noticed it and said we had a good missionary pace.. and later we read in our white handbooks that we should "walk swift, with a purpose" haha, so now we try to figure out what our purpose is.. even if we're just walking to breakfast :o

I get to eat healthy here!! The comida doesn't look toooo bad, but me y Hermana Holland mostly get the wraps or cereal ;) got to keep that femi-9 figure YOU FEEL ME! hahaha, but at lunch today, this Elder found the top of a strawberry, where the leaves are, in his hot diggity dogg.. HAHAHH poor Elder. sooo. I dunno. I don't really know what to say about the comida. It's so cool though, there's a little section near the cereal with loaves of bread, a toaster, and a big thing of peanut butta AND jelly to make sandwiches or toast.. talk about MADE. haha, but it's so cool, there's this thing called H.S.I.. Habla Su Idioma (Speak Your Language) and we are supposed to speak as much of our language as possible. So we walk BY Elders all the time, and they're always like, 'hola hermanas!" and we say "hola Eldres!" the other dia I walked by an Elder and said, "Hola Elder!" and he was all, "Bojour Hermana!" cuz his language is French. It's cool!

As soon as I got here, I realized every single person is here for the exact same reason I am, ESPECIALLY when I met my district. So it wasn't as hard as I thought. I'm not even really homesick! Though ya'll's letters mean EVERY second to me. But we are all for once on the same boat..we all had to say our goodbyes to our familias y amigos and had a hard time leaving for the most aprt, so I think everyone's strength gives me more strength, because it is DEFINITELY not me that's keeping me this happy! So you know how they say the Spirit (el espiritu :o) is super strong here? It IS, but it's not what I thought. Because I thought that meant we're walking around like we're on a cloud the entire time, but we just get the opportunity to feel the Spirit so much while we're learning. It's not something only WE can feel in the C.C.M. or MTC though.. ANYone can feel it! It's just REALLY that we're cut off from everything that coiuld possibly distract us from getting these opportunities though. Oh! So my second day here, our 2nd or 3rd class, we had Hermano Guest as our teacher. And he spoke NOTHING but Spanish to us the entire time.. TOUGH LOVE. haha, but it was the hardest, BEST class I have had yet. Because I don't think I've learned NEARLY as much as I did in that class.

Oh and Gina y Cara, BOMB BOMBS here! I just don't really get many chances to shove yall's pictures in their faces. Now I REALLY understand what they mean when they say they have NO TIME. Today will be the first day I don't have to scribble in my journal!!

Haha so funny thing. We were in our class studying yesterday, and an Elder as all, "Hey how do you like THIS scripture.. 'And they were gathered in tents to live' " or SOMEthing like that.. and another Elder was completely serious and was all, 'My favorite.' ....it problly doesn't sound funny right now, but it was. I promise.

I don't really know how much my district is feeling me y my Cali vibe haha.. but we all get along pretty well. I'm in a room with mi companera y 2 other Hermanas that are in my district.. and everything's going pretty well so far! I think it's mostly because we really ARE all here for the same reason.. it's not 'weird' to become really spiritual, or to bear our testimonies with all we have. Not that it's weird at all, but in the real world some people might look at us like that.

Haha, so we were running on the track yesterday past some Elders, and they started yelling "Si se puede!" ..GOTTA KICK IT UP! hahah ok sorry. My jokes must be REALLY getting lame. It must be an MTC thing hahaaaa. none of us are funny :P

Ah I have 11 minutos left! You wanna hear something funny? My 3 hermanas I 'live' with say I sound like a native when I speak espanol. So I told them how you would bag on me for trying to speak it. LIKE A NATIVE family. RIDDLE ME THAT!!

OH! So my companion's nombre es Hermana Holland. She reminds me a lot of Schwartz!! It's so funny. AND her name is Rachael :o I feel like I got WAYYY way lucky. AND she laughs at my jokes. Now I am NOT saying this is easy. Inever would have thought that I'd be able to work on 7 or less hours of sleep, but we don't really get a choice hah. And it's cool, because this MTC isn't learning lessons all day. It's just learning about God all day. It's like when we would say we'd doing anything to go to church all day everyday. WELL! Esta muy posible! HOLLA.

There's an Hermana that wears TOMS with her outfits!! I GUESS they want Hermanas to look more fashionable after all, AND we don't have to wear nylons anymo! I'm so glad they relayed THAT message. hahah

Hmmm tengo 5 minutos left.. I was so focused on writing quick, so now I have a couple minutes!! Umm. OH! I AM SO GLAD to hear you all are doing well for the most part. I know it's not easy, but know that I'm doing all I can to not waste any hard times you all may have. I am SO grateful for all the letters.. the Hermanas call me popular, but I keep trying to tell them t's mi familia most of the time haha. Oh! So before I leavem, would you like to hear mi testimonio en espanol? If not just exit I guess.... .. .....

Testifico que Dios vive y JesuCristo es nuestro Salvador. El es mi hermano y ama mucho. En el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.

haha SHORT. I don't have my notas on me, and I need to work on that, and prayers. It's not facil! haha ok I LOVE YOU. My P-days are every Friday, so you should expect an e-mail around then.. before 5 too, because I THINK that's when our P-days end.

I LOVE ALL YOU! TE AMO MUCHO!!! My time's up in 54 seconds. I love every letter I get, and I love this gospel. I'm learning so much! I pray for you every night. I LOVE YOU !

Hermana Lia Michele Batchkoff