Monday, July 25, 2011

Todays the 11 month! :o

Whoa. So guess what CHECK IT. Salvador's getting baptized this Saturday whoop WHOOPP ! I. am SO excited for him ! He's already changed so much. It's so SO cool seeing how the changes someone makes on the inside show so much on the outside, just in how differently they act. It's like Heavenly Father just chips us and refines and refines and refines us, so that others can see Him when they look at us.
  So I'm way excited for Salvador. But we can use all the prayers that we can get k ! This week could be a hard one for him. But it's GO time down here. It ain't NOTHin.. ... ? hah
  Also, we've been having thunderstorms like.whoa. over here. We were gonna leave a less active family's home last night at liiiike. 8:45 or so. But out of nowhere, it just starts. POURING. and thundering, louder and brighter than I have ever seen it before in.mylife. So we stayed there a little longer, since it wasn't too safe. And Hna. Orozco gave us milk and homemade copies and bread.. anndd then. When we saw that it wasn't dying down at all, we just decided to go home so we wouldn't be way late. And we start driving out of the neighborhood, and the streets have waves of water, and the water was up to where our doors start ! hah after only like. 20 or 30 minutes of it. Crazy huh :o
  Umm. We et someone named "Angel Fire." He was a borracho-a drunk- who was outside his apartment, and we were on our way to an appointment. But. He was outside, so we went up and talked to him. So we start talking to him, he tells us his name is Angel Fire, and he has his 40 right next to him. And we did what we do ! We started bearing our testimonies to him, telling him that the restored gospel is on the Earth, that'll take us back to our Heavenly Father with our families..while his friends are inside laughing at us hah. And he says, "You know what. We're not going to heaven. heaven's coming to US." . .... .. ...and I felt SO BAD, not being able to say anything, knowing that I would start laughing if I did. But in the reality of it all, it is so sad seeing people so caught up in sin.. Hermana Perez was telling me yesterday how her grandma had told her, "It's not easy to sin. It's not easy to live with guilt, and too feel bad constantly, and to do the only thing you know how to do more and keep sinning." It's so hard that people look for the complete wrong ways to justify it and make it feel right. But how many times do we keep doing what we do, hoping, or feeling that if it becomes a habit, it becomes okay ? An Elder I know said that people do what they do because they don't see a way out. We shouldn't have to get to the point where we don't see a way out, but Hna. Perez told me this too.. that every single step in the right direction is a step.. no matter how big or small it is. It's one more than you took yesterday.

  I also learned this week that you need to learn to respect yourself if you want respect from anyone else. It's hard being in situations where you're made fun of, or talked down to, even if it's just joking. There is not one single person that has the same life as anyone. There is no point in generalizing anybody, or in putting anyone in a stereotype. Because once we do that, we stop listening. And we stop seeing how much worth every single soul has. And once we see our own worth, and we show that we know what we are worth, we will notice that everyone will start to treat us better. And that we are not EVER worth being talked down to.. and that none else is either.

  Ayyy pues. Asi es la vida esta semana. Ojala que tengamos mas fotos del bautismo de Salvador en este Lunes que viene. Cada dia hay tanto que necesitamos aprender, y disfrutar también. Ojala que busquen estas oportunida

des para ver la felicidad que puedan experimentar. Ojala que vean que el amor es lo mas importante, y que no hay ningún lugar para nada mas. Les quiero, y oro por ustedes. Siemmmpre voy a tener tanta gratitud por cada palabra de esperanza y apoyo, la cual me ha dado mucha mas fortaleza aquí. Gracias gracias !

hasta. la vista baby.

La Hermana B.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Una Semana

... til I hit the 11-month mark :o ! I hear that after the 1-year mark time just FLIES.. not that I would know. I haven't gotten there yet :)

  But anyways!! You want to hear something way cool?? We felt like visiting this investigator of ours one day, but she wasn't home. Bt outside of the home next to her, we saw this woman sitting down. She's elderly, and doesn't have much hair and looks like she may be sick. We decided to go over there, and we approached her and say hi. And we got the absolute coldest look ever. And she was just staring at us and says, "well. what." so! We told her that we have a message for her about Jesus Christ. And we sat down on her porch in front of her, and! we start sharing with her the plan of salvation. and we start talking to her about prayer, and we decided to ask her if she prays. And she starts telling us how she prays in the morning, night, nd before her meals. And I don't know what happened, but out of nowhere she starts crying. sobbing crying. And she just says in between her tears, "Yes. I pray." by the time we got out of that lesson, her heart and attitude had COMPLETELY changed. They had become complete opposites, and she had become so much more open to us and what we had to say. In the matter of less than an hour. I think it is very easy for us to undermind (is that the word ?) the power that our Heavenly Father has. He can make anything happen that we couldn't believe would be possible in our wildest dreams. He can change any- and everyone :)
  Speaking of which! I still have pictures of Salvador dumping out his coffee under the porch of his home when I remember to bring the cord :) He has been beer-free for one week yesterday :) and he came to church again yesterday, and is changing so much! I always wanted to be able to see the hands of our Savior working in the life of someone who has an addiction.. it is so amazing what He can do !
  Heavenly Father has shown me so many weaknesses that I have, in just the short almost 11 months that I have been out here. And Hermana Perez and I keep talking about our weaknesses, and how similar ours are. It is so easy for a missionary to recognize them and be so hard on themselves, but in the reality of life, we're out here trying to consecrate ourselves and be the best we can be, but we don't realize that we still have the rest of our lives to improve after this mission. We may get down on ourselves for not doing right what we keep striving to, or not getting a good grade for example. But life will keep going on! We will keep growing, and we will keep learning from every single day if we search for the lesson in it. There is always a reason Heavenly Father gives us another day. We just don't look for the reason all the time. We will always be weak. But we will always be loved, and always be carried so that we do not feel alone in our weakness.
  Entonces, yo no se que mas debo compartir. Hoy vamos a hacer papusas..? una comida de El Salvador ;) pero les quiero muchisimo. No se que decir del mundo, sino que no mire la pelicula de Harry Potter. Pero gracias les doy por las 3 cartas de correo electronico que recibi yo, explicando que tan asombrosa que fue ajaj ! Broma :p pero con todo que tengo yo, el Evangelio es real, y es lo unico que nos trae el descanso que necesitamos. En los momentos de sonido mas fuerte, nos trae el Evangelio la paz que buscamos.

Portense bien mi familia. Y brace yourselves. 7 meses.

jaja o nunca. los dos estan bien. ;)

La Iglesia es Verdadera....
La Hermana B

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And WHAT! Unodostres :o

Hahahh so in 2 weeks I'm gonna hit my 11-month mark :o so loco no. Pero andele ! Vamanos.
  We have this investigator, Salvador. He is SO INCREDIBLE!! He has been trying and trying to quit coffee and beer, and he has a baptismal date for this coming 30th de Julio. We are so excited for him. The other day we went over his house, and we asked him about his coffee and brought him this coffee substitute we had bought him. And so we asked him to go inside and get his coffee, and so he brings it out, and we asked him if he was ready to leave it. he said yes, so we invited- ;)- him to dump it out underneath his porch hahh ! I'VE ALWAYS wanted to do that ahhah. So I got a picture with him while he was dumping it out, and then afterwards with him and the Nescafe jar. He has such a happy smile on his face! But I forgot my camera cord. So next week. :)
  Allllso, we had a lesson with Salvador last night. He had beer yesterday :/ and knowing that by being a missionary of God, He can give me His power to be able to help others in whatever way they need it. So when he told us this, he kind of laughed, not realizing that. well. drinking is bad. hah, but I started praying to know what to say, or how to bring up the fact that what he did was wrong, so that he knows not to do it again. And then Hermana Perez starts bringing up the commandments, like completely setting it up for me to be able to talk to him about drinking. So before we knew it, we're talking without even realizing how bold we were being, and needed to be. So now! We are going to get him bottles of Coca Cola so that whenever his friends offer him something, he can say. "Oh naw I'm cool, I already have a drink !" genius. haha, but it was so cool, feeling Heavenly Father working through us to help one of His children stop drinking, and be happier! I don't think I will ever be able to fully realize how happy we as human beings can make others. Everything we do can become so contagious.
  Salvador is our main story for this week. We are so excited to see who we can help together. Heavenly Father's hands are in our lives constantly! And I don't mean the lives of me and my companion. Every single one of our lives, if we let Him. YO siento que somos los que lo hacen mas dificil para dejar que nuestro Padre Celestial nos ayude. Pero es mi punto de vista :) yo no puedo predicar lo que no practico, pero de propias experiencias mias, yo se que la vida en general es mas facil que damos todo al Senor. Solamente es dificil hacerlo. Pero asi es. Vamos a tener que econtrar nuestra fe cada dia nuevamente. Porque si no caminamos por la fe, de que caminamos ?

  Ok entonces, es mi tiempo para irme. No recorde mi agenda, entonces no recuerdo la semana cuando pase eso. jaja bien hecho Hermana ! Pero mi familia. TODA mi familia, de la sangre y del amor, les quiero tantisisisimo. Ojala que sepan esto siempre jamas ! Portense bien. :)

La Hermana B.

Transfas! - 7/4/2011

Sooo THIS transfer's different. Hermana Holland's getting transferred to Horizon TAY-HAWS. My first area!! I couldn't even be sad, because I know how happy she's going to be down there, and how 'made' she'll have it, with how amazing it is. I am s completely and thoroughly convinced that it is the best area in the entire world.. I'm not kidding. hah. But of course, this area is absolutely amazing too. Ayy YAY ! I can't believe I'm a missionary. I don't think I ever will. But Hermana Perez is going to be coming up here with me..she's been out a transfer less than me, and didn't speak any Spanish before her mission I believe. But she has the name. Lucky. hahahh ! I'm kidding :)
  Well this week was TAN locita ! We met this woman from Columbia, Janett, who we had given a pass-along card to one day, and Hna. Holland wanted to follow up on it. She's black! Her and her entire family, but her husband is from Cuba, and they all speak Spanish. It is so crazy seeing it, but it's my ab.solute DREAM. hah. but forreall. She's so cool too! And it turns out, miracle of miracles, that she had been having the missionaries over about 2 years ago, and wanted to get baptized and everything! So we taught her again, and never..ever EVER had I seen someone listen so intently in a lesson before. She is so amazing.
  We also have our investigator Salvador! He was a referral from the English Elders, our neighbors, and we were visiting him for a little while, and out of nowhere we visited him the other day, and he's all, "Yo oro? Ok. Yo lo hago." "I'll pray? Ok, I'll do it." and just starts praying! And he had read his Libro de Mormon, and you know what? Lessons are SO MUCH BETTER wen one reads and prays! haha, now he is trying to give up la cerveza (beer) and coffee in the mornings. We're gonna get him a substitute today :) so! Way cool. Please pray for him. pleaseeee please please these people need them more than us family. :) lives can be made so much better!
  ALSO. We have been visiting the Ramirez family everyday, and they're doing well! It's not easy for them, having lost Abraham. But they have so much support, so they're gonna be okay :) I feel that slowwwly. but surely. Everything will be put back together with the family. They can only get better from here.
  You know what the biggest lesson I learned this week was? Because to start off. After speaking at a funeral for our investigator, Abraham, on Friday, and then hearing about Charlie on Monday, I was so exhausted, and drained, and overwhelmed that we just went home after e-mailing, and I cried until we went out to work..only to get dropped by investigators that night hah. But I just cried. and cried. But I gave it all to the Lord. Knowing that there was NO possible way I would be able to go out to work and smile without Him. And He carried me, through every single step that I took. Through every moment of sadness, it was like He was filling it the sadness with even more love that I couldn't have possibly been able to provide myself. It was so incredible, knowing that HE knew just what I needed. And it's what got me through! He is what gets every single one of us through.
  Another cool thing that happened! We were on our way to visit the Ramirez's the other day, when all of a sudden I felt that we shouldn't have been there. What may have happened, I didn't know. But I felt that we should have visited one of our investigators, Gabi. Even though we had just visited her less than a day before. WAY weird, but it was SO CLEAR. So we stopped by Janett's before, who wasn't home. Smart. on our part. Way smart. But I told Hna. Holland about it, and we decided to go to Gabi. On the other side of the city hah. The entire time we were driving there, I was thinking, kay this is miles. Am I ABSOLUTELY SURE that that is what I thought.  And then I thought about it and I was all. Nothing. EVER has come so clear to me as her name did. So! We walked in and talked to them, seeing if everything was okay, saying that we just had a feeling that we should come over to make sure. And Gabi's mouth DROPPED, and her mom was saying that everything was fine, but Gabi looked at me and shook her head, as if it wasn't. WOW the Spirit is SO COOL! Sooo. We talked with them a little, and they're fine now. But paying attention.. REALLY paying attention and basing our hearts and actions off of what Heavenly Father tells us is how we're going to go about doing the most good. How cool is THAT.
  Sooo I'm gonna get going so I can send pictures. Today for the 4th of July we went to this GORGEOUS park to play ultimate frisbee with the Tompkins, and the Pratt's and our Branch President and his family. That's why we're so late. Cuz dude I dominated. hahah ! Just kidding.

  ANyway I love you family! Thank you for all of your support, for all of your love and pray, por mi, pero mas, por nuestros investigadores. Muchas MUCHAS gracias.

La Iglesia es verdadera !

La Hermana B.