Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey ohhh!

It's been another week.. a CRAZYYY week this week. but check THIS out !! 8 investigators came to church yesterday!!!! it was SO COOL. I have to say though, we just taught lessons, and asked members to invite their investigators to our appointments with them. These members are SO INCREDIBLE. They did allll the rest of the work. They know how important this gospel is, they know how many blessings come from it. and how many blessings Heavenly Father is so willing to give anyone who drops the world and chooses Him. And they know, these members truly know where their blessings come from, and they truly know what and Who it is that makes them so happy. So they give it all away to everyone else, confident that that is what Heavenly Father wants them to do.
  We have been spending a lot of time with P*****, our recent convert, and her husband, M*****- who isn't a member. M***** is SO COOL! He still has a lot of questions about the gospel, but whenever someone else will have questions, he'll just completely start testifying to this person. It does NOT matter what we know ! It's what we feel about the little that we do know that shows who we really are, and whose side we're on. A few weeks ago, we came to drop something off at P***** early in the morning after doing service. And we didn't expect anyone to be there, but M**** was there, talking to his nephew. So we started talking to his nephew about church, and he started sharing some things with us about what he believes, and we gave him our card and stuff like that. Wellll. P***** has been praying for her nephew, and out of NOwhere, yesterday, about 5 minutes before they were gonna leave for church, there's a knock on P***** and M**** door.. and it's their nephew !! And he asked them where they were gonna go.. M**** said to church, and the nephew asked if he could come ! SUPER surprise ! So they walked in a little late, and when we saw their nephew walk in, Hermana Henderson stopped everything we were doing with a EN SERIO face.. and I realized once again, that there is nothing too powerful for God not to be able to change.
  We also are starting to teach the L***** family.. they're so cool !! And they brought their baby to church to be blessed yesterday.. and you know what that blessing said? That their baby is gonna be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! SO cool right !! ahahh... welll anyway. I coiuld go on and tell about everything else that's been going on.... but I have a way to upload pictures ! They tell 1,000 words. And that's good. Becaaauuuse. I don't have 1,000 to send. hahah.
The Church is true ! Keep holding on aiight family. It's worth it. It'll always always be worth it :)
La Iglesia es Verdadera.....
La Hermana B.