Monday, July 18, 2011

Una Semana

... til I hit the 11-month mark :o ! I hear that after the 1-year mark time just FLIES.. not that I would know. I haven't gotten there yet :)

  But anyways!! You want to hear something way cool?? We felt like visiting this investigator of ours one day, but she wasn't home. Bt outside of the home next to her, we saw this woman sitting down. She's elderly, and doesn't have much hair and looks like she may be sick. We decided to go over there, and we approached her and say hi. And we got the absolute coldest look ever. And she was just staring at us and says, "well. what." so! We told her that we have a message for her about Jesus Christ. And we sat down on her porch in front of her, and! we start sharing with her the plan of salvation. and we start talking to her about prayer, and we decided to ask her if she prays. And she starts telling us how she prays in the morning, night, nd before her meals. And I don't know what happened, but out of nowhere she starts crying. sobbing crying. And she just says in between her tears, "Yes. I pray." by the time we got out of that lesson, her heart and attitude had COMPLETELY changed. They had become complete opposites, and she had become so much more open to us and what we had to say. In the matter of less than an hour. I think it is very easy for us to undermind (is that the word ?) the power that our Heavenly Father has. He can make anything happen that we couldn't believe would be possible in our wildest dreams. He can change any- and everyone :)
  Speaking of which! I still have pictures of Salvador dumping out his coffee under the porch of his home when I remember to bring the cord :) He has been beer-free for one week yesterday :) and he came to church again yesterday, and is changing so much! I always wanted to be able to see the hands of our Savior working in the life of someone who has an addiction.. it is so amazing what He can do !
  Heavenly Father has shown me so many weaknesses that I have, in just the short almost 11 months that I have been out here. And Hermana Perez and I keep talking about our weaknesses, and how similar ours are. It is so easy for a missionary to recognize them and be so hard on themselves, but in the reality of life, we're out here trying to consecrate ourselves and be the best we can be, but we don't realize that we still have the rest of our lives to improve after this mission. We may get down on ourselves for not doing right what we keep striving to, or not getting a good grade for example. But life will keep going on! We will keep growing, and we will keep learning from every single day if we search for the lesson in it. There is always a reason Heavenly Father gives us another day. We just don't look for the reason all the time. We will always be weak. But we will always be loved, and always be carried so that we do not feel alone in our weakness.
  Entonces, yo no se que mas debo compartir. Hoy vamos a hacer papusas..? una comida de El Salvador ;) pero les quiero muchisimo. No se que decir del mundo, sino que no mire la pelicula de Harry Potter. Pero gracias les doy por las 3 cartas de correo electronico que recibi yo, explicando que tan asombrosa que fue ajaj ! Broma :p pero con todo que tengo yo, el Evangelio es real, y es lo unico que nos trae el descanso que necesitamos. En los momentos de sonido mas fuerte, nos trae el Evangelio la paz que buscamos.

Portense bien mi familia. Y brace yourselves. 7 meses.

jaja o nunca. los dos estan bien. ;)

La Iglesia es Verdadera....
La Hermana B

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