Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/28/2010 - Letter

i Mi Familia !
Holaaa ;) Como le va! So this MTC is ridiculous haha. not a bad ridiculous houg. I don't really know all that i covered in the email, cuz it says in REALLY big and red how much time we have to write in the corner. Lia a full-on countdown, so i was just racing to clock talking about all i could! hah.
So um. The spanish is coming. I've realized it's all truly about our attitudes how we make our time here. I was talking to an Elder who said he hated it here because of the food. Because of the food!  I think its all how you make it. They serve SO much fruit by the way ;) i eat pineapple and honeydew almost everyday haha. Talk about V.I.P treatment ! I'm an hermana livin la vida! haaha.

It's so funny you know how i had crackers and stuff to bring here? Mi companera brought Honey nut chex, granola and granola bars hahaha! Don't get me wrong though, i do miss ya'll. SO SO much! But i really don't have time think about that too much, except for when i get pictures out and stuff. It really IS like living in a whole different world here haha. Because there aren't any families so i don't have time to think about or dwell on any of it!...Not that i don't think about you though...sorry. My mind's just racing ALL the time so now that i have time to sit for a second and write, i don't really know how to slow down. haha

Oh my gosh. Thank you SO SO MUCH for the little cards and everything in my luggage and stuff! I haven't gotten th time to read them yet, but as SOON as i do i will. And that everyone for me! I know i have, but i feel like i can't thank them enough! :)
OH! and i saw Elder Stewart twice! It's so weird seeing him here. Like these 2 worlds- yours and the MTC- have collided. aha. Like the big bang theory...? no? Okay :(

I love ya'll SO SO much. Thank you for ALL the letters. The dearelders, and most of all the suppoty and payers. I'm BEYOND happy to hear you all are happy!

Teamo!!! Remember to reflect yourself to others as a disciple of Jesus Christ, ALWAYS! In everything you do! What would Jesus Do es MUY importante, no matter who we are!

Tu missionary,
Hermana Lia Batchkoff

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