Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have SO MUCH I want to say to ya'll but I dunno how I'll be able to get all of it into this e-mail! But FIRST. Let me start off by saying. ALL OF YOU READ THIS TOGETHER! COMMUNICATION people! Do it to it!

welll, I made a list of what I wanted to talk to you about, so I don't forget the important stuff hahah.. so first! the missionary work. This is TOUGH! But I thought about it earlier today, and I realized that we're doing the EXACT SAME WORK Jesus Christ did! Not necesarily with the same planners and stuff haha, but the same exact work! Bringing others unto him! So it would be crazy to go into this thinking it'd be some kind of 'vaycay' or something haha. I think the hardest thing right now is the whole language deal. But one of my teaches-who went to Veracruz on HIS mission ;)- told me that he's seen 6 or 7 elders leave the MTC completely fluent in Spanish.. he said if I have enough faith, I can do it. It's weird, because he during class we'll have "hora de pder de espanol"...The SPANISH POWER HOUR haha. And we can't speak ANY English whatsoever. And it seems so hard, but there's a committed time to not be able to speak ANYthing but Spanish, it's not as bad as I would think! I heard from my companion that we should just learn all we can cuz we're like a well- and whenever whatever we have learned thus far in our lives needs to be used, the Spirit (el espiritu) will draw out of that well exactly what we need. Kind of cool huh! But ya. I appreciate all the prayers and all of your strength. I'm not worried about ya'll in any way whatsoever.. not that I don't THINK about you, I just feel like ya'll are GOLDEN! You're fine! I love you all so much. so so so so SO so much, it's ridiculous. It'd probably be pathetic if it weren't my family haha. Okay I'm rambling.

Wellll what else? OH. We had our first devotional on Tuesday, and it was Richard ..? Hinckley? President Hinckley's son! Who's part of the 70. I believe someone asked him the best lesson he learned from his father, and he said, "I learned by example. My mother and father were such a great example for me, and taught me everything I needed to know, how faithful I need to be, by their example." Cool huh! I think I wrote ya'll something like that real quick, but I'm not completely positive.

It's so weird, we hear this all the time from missionaries, but the days are SO long here, but the weeks go by SO quick it's ridiculous! Like the back. of my head!! haha, Oh, and I'm gonna have some pictures on the way for ya'll too. I'm working on it ;) By the way! I have this thank you note for the Tysseling's, but I don't have their address so I'm sending it to you.. but could you give it to them? tell everyone I say hi! Surprisingly, I haven't cried here yet. Even though the SPirit IS strong, I haven't cried.. maybe it's because the Spirit's so strong, if that makes any sense ! Mannn, I wish I had the time to tell you all everything that happens from day to day. It's sad, but I hardly have the time to write in my jounrla exept for a couple lines anymo! :o!

Welll. I think my time's coming to an end soon up on this e-mail. I love you all. Other than our Heavenly Father, you all keep me going everyday. Tell the Elders I say Hola ! And keep on that family prayer.... and fast Sunday's this Sunday!! We have to fast til 5:20 on fast Sundays, AND around 4 I have to teach a lessong with my companion, which NOone in my District will probably be paying attention to at that time hahaha. But I guess we'll try and make it happen! I LOVE YOU. Oh! My favorite scripture is Alma 26:10-12.. and I'll try and take a picture and get it to you(for the board?) as soon as I can. I promise. Time is truly INSANE here haha.

OKay! Well I know I ave priobably said it enough to lose the meaning, but I LOVE YOU. Ya'll are so amazing, and it gets me SO EXCITED to see how much you have grown since I've been gone. I am truly convinced it's been WAY longer than a week haha. Oh! And don't hesitate to write as much as you want. I'm just saying. It's not distracting. And it's. needed here. haha. I love this place though don't get me wrong! I'll try and bear my testimonio en espanol right quick..

Testifico que Dios y JesuCristo vive y tienen amor por nosotros. Se que Jose Smith fue un profeta verdadero y Tomas S. Monson es un profeta verdadero. Las escrituras es la palabra de Dios y Dios habla por nosotros por medio las escrituras y el espiritu. En el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.
HOLLA! I LOVE YOU. Keep that familia flava alive!

--Hermana Lia Batchkoff
p.s... I don't even feel like "Lia" anymore.. SO WEIRD I know. hahah

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