Friday, September 10, 2010


HAaaahahaha Hey now familia! Give each other a corny group hug for me before you finish reading this ahah
so NOW! It is SO FUNNY, all the missionaries have to make a list of what they're gonna e-mail about because they get so mindblown in this 30 minutes.. I LOVE e-mailing, but it's theee most stressful point of the day fo SHO. haha

I also made a list, so I'll start! So check THIS out. Last week, mi companera got a blessing right? She's having a reallyy hard time with the language, because she took 5 years of French and NO Spanish.. and so she got a bleessing for that and some other things, and these were the words of her blessing I will never forget... "hearken to your companion, who will be your greatest asset here in the MTC. Go to her when you need help, or when you need someone to councel to." and some more about me being helpful and stuff. But her BIGGEST ASSET. OMGOSH! So safe to say, that's stuck with me all week, and I could tell with her too. It CAN get difficult thought, because I wanna be theee BEST example I can be for her. It's just another way to push harder I guess though !

So guess WHAT! On Tuesday we had Lowell M. Snow of the 2nd Quorum of the 70 here.. I didn't know there were too :o google him though! He looks like SUCH a sweet man :) and check THISSS out. I was in the CHOIR. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!! The things we'll do to not have to wait an hour before to get a seat. haha I'm so just kidding. But it was so cool! He talked about making choices the entire time..he said the choices with opposition are what make us grow.. the BIG choices are the ones that matter the most. Keep that in mind! If that helps any of you at all :) oh. bad news too. I have to send my temple clothes back to ya'll. Apparentlyyy we weren't supposed to bring any >:( MAN! OH. I'll still be working on a picture for the board too. Time is so loco here, I'm not even kidding you haha.

And Gina, could you tell Miss Lisa her letter made me cry? NO LIE. She's just as faithful writing me as ya'll are! i feel so blessed.

I am NOT gonna lie though. This week has been tough! The first 2 weeks were okay, and the Spanish was okay. But every single day this week we've been learning at least one new conjugation that in school we'd go over for a month. So before I even have time to practice, we're learning a new one and I feel like I'm falling behind! But I know I need to focus on what is best for my future investigators, whether it be being repetitive in a testimony or even speaking it in English if I have to so they'll be able to feel the Spirit. I have 2 teachers, and one of them studied for a year on his mission and still could hardly speak ANY Spanish.. then he prayed one night (not that he hand't before) and literally the next day was speaking fluently! It's gonna be okay! so ya. Thank you for all of your prayers. I think about all of you so much it's ridiculous. But our boy Jeffrey Holland said we're doing the work Christ did.. it's gonna take a tear or 2 in the Garden just as Christ did.. I know I probably butchered that, but I hope you get the idea haha

ok I'm taking a breath

How about I bear my testi-money in Espanol for ya'll

testifico que Dios y JesuCristo viven y tienen mucho amor por nosotros. La Iglesia de JesuCristo es la iglesia solo verdadera. Podemos regresar a vivir en felicidades con Dios y JesuCristo por medio el evangelio de JesuCristo. El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y ayudemos con todos las problemas tenemos. Digo estas cosas en el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.

Heyyy now!! Okay welll. I love you all soooo so much. I'm gonna send out a letter specifically to bigg MOMMA today.. could ya'll send me pictures??? I feel like I haven't seen you in forEVER haha. And do NOT hesitate to keep writing me.. it keeps me under control! This gospel is so amazing. i hope you're going to the temple, and OWNING them opporunities! haha, I love ya'll. Pictures pictures pictures. OH! And prayers. The flu's going around, as in full-on security escorting these sick missionaries to their rooms to be quarantined.. my entire 10-person district, besides me and one Elder, are sick right now.. not quarantined sick, but sick. So it'll problly be a matter of time for me haha. But ! Prayers are appreciated.

It is FREEZING. here. by the way. >:o well, "nice" to everyone else. Freezing to me. No Cali love over here! hahaha

I'm going now, but read Joseph Smith History! In verses 15-17 they talk about Satan working on him right before God and Christ came down to him.. I HAD NO IDEA that that had happened!! :O!!!! Well I love you.. let me know if you need anything.. I've been having problems with my feet in these shoes, so I mayyyy need some new ones.. I'll send money if I do! Or just my TOMS or SOMEthing.. I have bad pressure points on the back of my heel and they're KILLING me. so I dunno. I'll write more if it gets bad, or tell Carter what's up so hopefully she'll be able to talk to ya'll and all that! Te amo familia! Sing loud for me at church! If I'm doing choir, sing LOUD for me. It's the cool thing to do here :)

Allllways yours,

Hermana Batchkoff

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