Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter ! 9/5/2010 Mi Familia Caliente (my spicy hot family)

haha, its Fast Sunday and we don't eat until 5:20's 12:40 and everyone in class is sitting here studying, and it is COMPLETELY silent cuz everyone's SO tired and hungry hahah!!! It's never been like this in class before. :o
Well anyway, i've been studying a lot today so i thought i'd just write to say hi.  Last night was kind of rough, cuz we had a lot of studytime during the day. And i realized my mind would randomly wander every once in awhile, and it started setting in that i'm a missionary, and then it started setting in exactly how long i'm going to be gone for.. that i'm not just going home after the MTC. It was the first time since i've been here that i felt a little bit homesick, so i got a blessing from my District Leader before bedtime. It was INCREDIBLE! It said this is where i am supposed to be, i will be blessed with the gift of tongues as long as i study dilligently, and these next 18 months will be the happiest that i've ever experienced. And! I think he said this is where i need to be twice, if i'm not just hungry and delusional! But that made me start to feel better. Even though i know this is where i need to be.. it was just good getting some of that "opinion from on high" ! hah. Seriously though.
And then! Today i had an interview with the Brand President's counselor, Brother Priest. I told him about everything and then i told him about the back of my heel that's been hurting, i believeeee because of my shoes. It's the bone part and it feels like what i would imagine to be a bunyin to feel like. Anyway! He told me he'd see if he had any "moleskin" to get me that should help. So he just came in right now with a Rite-aid bag and gave me the moleskin and a pair of scissors. I was all "Brother Priest did you break the sabbath??" And he's kind of out there haha, but he's all "you BET i did!" ..No shame in his game! So it was really cool. He'll probably be the closest thng i can get to having a "dad" out here.
I have some quotes from meetings and stuff i'll leave with you!
2 Elders came up to me and my companera at dinner last night asking if they could take our trays to throw them away for us! How nice!
Welllll familia. I'm doing okay. I have trust and faith in the Lord that you are, as long as you LET him take care of you! I love you!

Love always,
Hermana Lia Batchkoff

"Spiritual submissiveness includes our acceptance of the ups and downs of life."
"The most important commandment to keep is the one you struggle with the most." -Harold B. Lee
"Only the gospel will save the world from the calamity of its own self-destruction" - Ezra Taft Benson

"The story in John 8:18:12 is made up! Its a long story how i learned that, but CRAZY huh!! :o Trust me i'm not lying!"

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  1. What a cute pic!!! Thanks for posting her letters!!! Love that girl!