Friday, September 17, 2010

Email - 9/17/2010

Hola mami papi y mis hermanas ! I have. ONCE again. SO MUCH to say and I am soooo NOT excited about this next 1/2 hour trying to get everything in haha. But let's start ? I guess ? :o wellll. I have some news. I know how to say "You don't know my life!" in Espanol. Are you ready for it ! "No sabe mi vida!" haha it's like one of the only funny things I think I say..
ANYway haha. So check this out. We get our DearElders before dinner Monday-Friday, and the other day my District Leader, who hands them out, comes into our clase after picking them up and he has 2 stacks. He's all, "The District's...." and holds up like. 5 letters or something. and then he's all, "Hermana Batchkoff's." and that day I had gotten 9 DearElders altogether!! I felt SO BAD haha, but at the same time I felt that Cali love like WHOA! hah so thank you. SO much for helping me to not feel alone. It seems like the days I DO get letters are the days when I reallyyy need them haha, so don't anyone think for a SECOND that I just throw them. I cherish And I love you all SO MUCH it's ridiculous! :o
  So onn Wednesday night, Elder Day and Elder Rindlisbacher in our District bore their testimonies to us cuz they were leaving Thursday morning to finish the MTC in the Dominican Republic, where they'll be serving. And they were balling. We were balling. And we've all only known each other for 3 weeks!! It's crazy to think how close we've come alllready. I am comPLETELY convinced we were all friends before this life, and just met back up. None of this is coincidence I feel. Just like all of you at home. Tell me it doesn't seem like we've known each other for a lifetime I DARE YOU. haha :) When you get to know one another's spirits, you stop seeing weaknesses. You stop seeing looks, or anything like that. We're all children of our Heavenly Father. ForREAL! And yesterday we were all sitting at lunch and I was all, "How does Heavenly Father expect us to say goodbye so much I can't handle this!" and Elder Stucki in my District was all, "He doesn't. ..we'll all see each other again :)" that right or is that right. It made me feel so much better knowing that. Truly knowing that, rather than knowing it's a possibility. OH MY GOSH my feelings aren't being put into an e-mail well enough but I HAVE to get something to ya'll! I'm so sorry!!
  Hey! Thank you for the package too!! I'm wearing the blue skirt and new shirt as we are speaking.. typing ? Anyway ? I might have to send sooome things back, but don't think I didn't appreciate them. ...da rules :o :p
  So Gina asked a question about what she should start reading in one of her letters. I would say Joseph Smith History. AND! As a familia, I would watch the Joseph Smith movie if you can get your manos (?) on it. It is in.CREDIBLE. Just that and reading the Joseph Smith History has made me appreciate the Restoration SO MUCH MORE now. Not that I didn't think it was important before.. It's just so incredible. SO COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE. Like how can this church NOT be true ! You feel me!
  Oh, so I get to go off the MTC campus today and get some new shoes. It's so funny here, my District calls it Babylon (the world) whenever someone gets to go off capus for surgery or something like that. So they found out and my District Leader's all, ":O you get to go to BABYLON??!?!" ahhhaha. It's gonna be SO WEIRD being somewhere where the doors aren't all opened for us, and there aren't suits everywhere :o
  Byyy the way! I'm gonna take a picture today for the ward board..haha. 'ward board' :p and try and get it sent out to ya'll by the end of next week! Don't you DARE use one of mine back home they're wack! ahah
  "As individuals, we are unnamed. As a group, however, we will be remembered for our courage, honesty, and service."
   Wow. I have 13 minutes left I realized. :O!!! I'll type a little slower now and try to say something that might be of SOME worth up in this letter haha.
  Thank you all for the letters. I honestly soak up and re-read each and every one. You are ALL in my prayers every single day, and I am here whenever you need me. Just in. written form I guess. ahah
   The language is coming along.! I guess! haha, on Tuesday nuestros maestros had us do an English Fast, where we did nothing but spoke Spanish hah. And by the end of the day, I realized I never have to think twice about what I say in English, because it's my nature to speak English.! But when it comes to Spanish, I had to think out and conjugate every single thing I had to say. By the end of the day my brain was shut.DOWN. haha. But like forreall. :p It was fun though. Because I got to learn how much we CAN do if we just try.
   Can ya'll send me pictures??! Any pictures at all! Thank you for the ones you HAVE sent. I love them. SO MUCH. It's so weird seeing me in jeans ahahh. I love showing everyone to mis hermanas. Not showing OFF. OH MY GOSH I really hope this e-mail doesn't seem prideful in any way haha. So anyway. I'll um. just stop.
   So I went to the temple this morning, and there's a chapel in the Provo temple to wait in before we go to a session :o! And so I opened up the scriptures in there and read D&C 31..  check it! It was about sending someone.. I can't remember who :x.. on a mission, saying how he'll be away from his family but for a short time and all of this. I read it and was all, "Oh! I can respect THAT Heavenly Father!"
   By the way! You probllyy know already, but Elder Bell's in Mexico now :o I don't have his address, but if I'm able to get it I'll give it to ya'll ! And STAT.
   Umm 5 minutes left. What do I write about. I'm sorry if these aren't that fun to read, I really am. I feel my written ones are a liiiittle better, because I know whatI'm thinking more haha.
  My companion's good. She gets all this healthy food from her familia and shares it with all of us haha aMAZING! AND! She loves Trader Joe's just as much a me! haha
  I guess I'll leave mi tesimonio with ya'll.. know that I love you so much. Whoever is even taking the time to read ths. It's truly incredible, the opportunity to know there are people on this Earth who wanna hear this.
  Mediante el Evangelio de JesuCristo, las familias pueden ser eternas. Me encanta todos mis amigos, y la iglesia de JesuCristo. Es perfecto. Yo se que. Podemos a hablar con Padre Celestial por medio orar. En el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.
Sorry that was so quick! I saw I have minute left and went blank! I LOVE YOU
don't forget about me!
--Hermana Batchkoff

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