Tuesday, May 3, 2011

el aire. y la mochila !

ahah that has to be the weirdest title ever. I honestly don't even know why I put titles, it's not like I write novels haha. But anyway! So this week and come and gone.. yet again. And the days kept going as we kept working, but Friday is what I wanna talk about.... apparently in New Mexico we have a windy season. And they don't lie it is WINDY. Like. To the point where we thought we were gonna blow away. And so on Friday after District meeting, we went to go contact some referrals. And when we would try to talk to people on the way, the wind would blow in our face so we were almost literally talking with both our eyes closed and dirt blowing into our teeth hah. But! If there's any time to be talking to people with our eyes closed.. it's now. But anyway, after that Hna. Holland felt we should go to.. DUN dun dun.


Where we heard there's a grip of Spanish, and we've been needing to go to for the past couple weeks. There's an apt. complex there, and we knocked every single door of the apartments. And that was the most rejection.. and unnicest rejection, that I had EVER received from anyone on my mission. And it wasn't necessarily yelling at us, but more like laughing under their breath, not even accepting a card to check the the SO COOL MORMON.ORG ! but we kept knocking. And at the very last apartment we found Wendy, who is an English-speaker. We found out she has family that are Mormons that live in Utah and everything, but she's not baptized because 'she's not ready'. So we showed her this drawing that SAVES SOULS I'm not even kidding you, about how baptism is the gate, not necessarily that we have to be all righteous to be baptized. We just have to be willing to follow God, and show that on the outside through baptism. And so! We asked if the English Elders could stop by just to visit her, because she loves missionaries, and she said yes. So! The English Elders are our neighbors in our apt. complex, and we texted them the referral to go visit her. And they texted us back in like. 15 minutes and said, "Contacted in 13 minutes and she has a baptismal date!" WHATT! THAT was the reason we were there! So Heavenly Father could open her heart up just a little more to be able to let the right Elders into her home. And now she's getting baptized ! How amazing is that.
  Also! Elder Brockbank had lost his backpack March 3rd.. the day after he arrived in this area. With his patriarchal blessing, his scriptures, EVERYthing. So he was using a cheap set of scriptures an Elder had left behind and my backpack, but was praying and fasting so he could at least see his scriptures again. And he had never EVER lost the faith. He always told us that he knew it'd turn up, and never had ANY doubt. So! Yesterday we're walking out from dropping an investigator that was just watching a Spanish dancing show while we were there, and I'm backing Hna. Holland out of the car when a man walking into his house sees me and flags me down. So! I see that he has a backpack in his hand, and since there are so many drug deals that happen in front of our faces in these apartment complexes, I had Hna. Holland pull in before walking towards him haha. But he walks up to us, and instead of trying to sell us drugs, he's all, "Are you Mormons?" and we tell him yes, and he's all, "Well, I found this backpack next to the dumpster with some Mormon book in it..maybe it's one of your friends or something?" And we look inside. And every single one of Elder Brockbank's things were in his backpack, UNtouched, after being next to a dumpster or whereEVER for 2 months ! OH MY GOSH. Heavenly Father SO answers prayers. The faith that we need to have is vital, because when it was all Elder Brockbank was walking by these past 2 months, it saved him. Heavenly Father answers every single prayer, and knows our capacities and abilities. We can do EVERYthing with Him!
  Miracles happen every single day. Do not EVER ! Ever underestimate the very One that created every mountain that we need to overcome. This past week, I have never felt so lonely in my life, to the point where on Saturday night, I felt myself down to the point where I didn't even want to pray. But I did. We need to do what softens our hearts, and we need to do what strengthens us, ALways. It is too too easy to slip, and it is too too easy to harden our hearts when we do. We are never alone. We are never EVER left. Through every day and every night. I'd say it in Spanish, but. ...I'm not. I don't even have an excuse hah, so I guess I will.

  Necesitamos hacer lo que va a hacer nuestros corazones mas suaves, y mas abiertos. Felicidad es solamente en el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Vamos a tener las dificultades de la vida, y las pruebas. Pero encontramos nuesto caracter en como actuemos en las dificultades.

  Meaning.. we find our character in how we act in difficulties.

I love ya'll! And shouts to MOMMA ! I'll be calling. Don't you even WORRY about Dat ! ;)

La iglesia es verdadera.. ....

La Hermana B

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