Monday, May 16, 2011

"when we look for the best, we always find the gospel"

So this week has been different ! We get transfer calls this coming Saturday, so we'll see what happens :o ...o.o haha like it's a huge deal or something. Weird thing is, we're cut off of everything else.. so this is about the hugest deal that we've got ! hah but anyway.
  Soooo. This week started with this family, la familia Ramirez. The less active family we've been working with, with the son that has brain cancer, and his older brother, Jorge, who doesn't really get any attention from his family, because they are so preoccupied with Abraham (the son with cancer). And so he;s now a bad kid, who's been expelled from school and doesn't really have anything to do with the church. But whenever we see him, he's always so nice to him, and I think it's just because we try to love him and show him that he counts, and that he's important. So! We had this lesson on faith with a mousetrap that we wanted to show them, but Jorge was out 'andando' with his friends. Like. out on their bikes, or whatEVER it was. So. His family said he was out in the trailer park, so we decided we'd go look for him haha. We went to the park where everyone was playing soccer haha, and asked any of them if they knew Jorge, or where he would be. And. They didn't. Beautiful. So we got back in the car, and something's telling me. He's here ! Don't you stop ! Soo we found some kids on their bikes on the side of the road and asked them if THEY knew Jorge, and they said he could be in this maroon trailer around the corner. And so we went around the corner and saw his bike out front, and at the same exact time we saw a little girl heading inside. So probably like creepers, we full-on rolled down the window and called her and asked her if she could ask for a Jorge inside. So it's a couple seconds, and Jorge and his friend came out ! So. We invited them, and they got up on their bikes and met us back at his house, thinking it was completely UNBELIEVABLE that that had actually happened. And as a result of Heavenly Father ! They all went to church yesterday. Together ! As a family ! ..well. without Jorge. but that's what we're gonna handle this week. Miracles !
  There's also this other family we have been visiting, the family of Jenny. But the past couple times we have visited them, Jenny hasn't been home, and her kids, the oldest girl being 10 or so, have been home alone. So we visited them on Friday, and she wasn't home, and also hadn't taken them to school, because she had things to do'. But we were outside talking to the girls, and all of a sudden I thought to ask them if they had eaten dinner that day. And they were all quiet. And one of them started shaking her head no. omgosh. Sooo. We went back to the car, and all we had to give them was some candy, so we brought it back to them, and their faces just ab.solutely BEAMED. And after that we taught them how to play 'slide'.. that little hand game ?.. and then we had to go, and they would not stop hugging us, and asking us if we'd be coming back. It was so crazy. So incredibly crazy seeing firsthand the things that you only hear about. Seeing myself, and the amazing life that Heavenly Father has given me, and realizing how much I have taken it for granted when I meet and talk to others who would probably do anything to have my life. Not that it's 'all that'.. we just take our blessings for granted, even when we don't try. I'm never gonna complain about a pimple or anything dumb like that. EVER again. I have a home. and food. and a family. 
  Another thing that stuck out to me this week was a talk that someone gave yesterday about the Plan of Salvation. He started talking about the planets and all of the people and things in the world, and how we are one tiny thing in this Earth, but how Heavenly Father sees us the exact opposite. And he was compraing how he is a father to our Heavenly Father.. like when they're on vacation with his family, and the kids are asking how much longer til they 'get there'..and he's all, "Solamente una hora mas..portense bien por una hora mas, y vamos estar." ..meaning 'just one more hour. just be good for one more hour, and we'll be there." and his kids are good. Then he starts crying, and he's all, "That's all Heavenly Father wants us to do. I just imagine him saying, 'Just be good for this life.. it's not that much longer, and you'll make it.' " SO poderoso !
  So those are my top ones for this week. There was a day this past week where I felt like I was sleep walking. With no energy. With nothing in me. But still, at the end of the day, we can look back and see that when we physically can't push ourselves anymore or even hardly walk, Heavenly Father starts pushing us.

  So I love ya'll. One of these days I'll put Spanish on this. One of these days. When it's perfect. ;) hahaha. Anyway. The Church is true. It's that one sentence that changes lives. when we say and MEAN it with all we have.

La Iglesia es Verdadera !
  La Hermana B.

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