Monday, May 9, 2011

"things cannot be hidden long - but the sun, the moon and Buddha" - 5/9/2011

 Hemos tenido una semana TAN loca ! Yo no se donde empezar.. pero voy a tratar mi mejor para poder explicar en un correo de voz toda esta semana. wow. :o
  Entonces ! It starts with Tuesday. This is a quick experience, that isn't really 'great'. But it is one! So every Tuesday we go to have dinner with the Villalobos family, and they have this bulldog. that's absolutely crazy about the missionaries. but like. not a good crazy about us haha. Our first night here in Alvarado Park, we went to have dinner with them and this dog tried to attack us. So! The Villalobos family always has the dog in its cage. But they didn't this time. And so ! We're walking up to the door and Hna. Holland peeks through and sees that the dog isn't in its cage.. so she says so, and automatically we start backing up, but the door was unlocked and open, and ALL I HAD TO DO was to grab it and shut it before the dog ran out. But instead, like a comPLETE baby, we just screamed as the dog RUNS out and starts snapping at us, and while one of the sons is running out to get the dog. We were all huddled up into each other waiting to feel the pain hahah. How cool is that. :l.
  So Wednesday! We found once again our friend Debra. We can't teach her because she speaks English, but the English Sisters had tried to go by. But she apparently had felt something with us since we were the ones that found her. She is addicted to drugs, and just had a miscarriage. She has had SUCH a hard life and wants to get out of all of the.. world. that her decisions have gotten her into. And she has such a hold on all of these things but just.wants. to do good. And to get herself out of this mess. So. We're on our way to visit someone at these apartments, and we hear, "Oh my gosh it's my friends!" And we look up and see that it's Debra ! So we stopped and started talking to her, and seeing how much farther into sin that she's gotten. But we sat there in the sun and must have talked for an hour or so. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and towards the end she says these words with the most honesty I've heard from her..
  "I'm not gonna lie, I have a packet of dope in my pocket right now, and I have no desire to take it..I have never stood and talked to anyone without making excuses about anything- whatever you say, whatever you give me to read, it's true, because this has never happened to me before."
  And afterwards, we all took turns saying a prayer, and when her turn comes around, she says the most profound, heartfelt prayer I have ever heard come out of someone like her. She was just pleading the entire time, and it was like she was searching for the hope that comes from a prayer. It was absolutely incredible. We've been trying to call her afterwards and she hasn't answered........ .. but! We're always in those apartments. Her life we'll change.
  Soo Thursday and Friday were lame. They were those days that you hear about where absolutely nobody answers the door for you. But for just a second I thought. I could be sad, or I could let myself be down. Or I could laugh at the fact that this really does happen more often than not, and have a good attitude about this not-good day. Becuase there is always something to laugh about to bring the light back. And it makes those days where doors ARE opened so.much.more worth it.
  Saturday ! We were invited to a carne asada for dinner.. a Mexican bbq.. with Oscar and Jose. And we decided to buy a watermelon ! So we went to Wal Mart before and met this big black man named Tony who worked there. And he 'is an ordained apostle/prophet that has been following God for 20 years".... ..... ... :) hmmm. And so he starts talking to us and breaking down our lives and what we're all about "so he could tell us what God wants us to know". .. kay ! hah, so apparently Hna. Holland has this 'mantle' about her.. this 'glow'-type of authority that just radiates that 'he has never seen before' ! And I 'have this warlike authority'- where it's like Moses parting the Red Sea.. I have this authority where when I walk, a crowd just splits for me. hahahah ! ya Okay. But it was cool !
  Those are the main things that have happened this week. I got to talk to yall.. my family.. yesterday, and I am SO GLAD to see that you're doing well and having family prayer. We try teaching it every single day, so I'm so unbelievably happy to hear that you are practicing what I'm called to be preaching !
  El Evangelio es real. Dios vive. Y cuando nos le permitimos entrar en cada fibre de nuestro ser, vemos milagros.

Mi amor por ustedes es absolutemente inexplicable. Les quiero. :)

La Hermana Lia Batchkoff

p.s.. ...voy a cumplir 22 anos en menos que un mes GUACALA. (EW.) >:(

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