Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 meses! - 4/25/2011

There is SO MUCH to write about from this week. But happy Easter ! soo . let's DO dis.!
  So Jose and Oscar's baptism was on Saturday ! It was in.CREDible. We got to the church, and Jose was already there and he gets out of his car when we came up, and he was balling ! He told us he was just so happy that this day had finally come. He had finally found what he was searching for, the kind of hope that comes from nothing BUT the gospel. It was amazing. I had been praying to just be able to love each of our investigators, because it's not easy to love someone you hardly know. But we need to love everyone, just because they are God's children. And so on Friday, the day before their baptism, we called Jose and he didn't answer. We knew Satan would be working to try and get him to change his mind and do something to stop him from being able to get baptized. So when he didn't answer our phone call, I freaked.OUT. And for 3 hours until he called us back, I was anxious and worrying. SO much about him. Like my own child or something. And it was the kind of worry that I imagine my mom had for me every single time she couldn't get a hold of me. It's a different kind of worry. And I absolutely HATE it hah. But everything's okay! Jose and Oscar got baptized, and it was incredible :)
  Also! Elder Holland couldn't make it to meet with us, but we got a visit from Elder Quentin L. Cook instead! And it was SO AMAZING being able to listen to him. As a missionary. We all got to meet him afterwards, and he asked me where I'm from when he shook my hand. I was meeting an Apostle of the Lord.. I didn't have the answers to any of his questions ! He should've told us he wanted us to talk to him hahah. So we talked for a little and then went down the row of the members of the 70 that had come with him. It was incredible. And he told us in his talk that as an Apostle, he can leave specific blessings on us. So he left us with a promise.. that every person we have loved, have come in contact with, and ever will love will be so blessed from what we are doing right this second as missionaries. No matter what happens to our families, no matter what happens at home, this is where we are to do the best for them. Whoa DANG. I had no words hah.
  Elder Cook was also at church yesterday to speak to everyone for Easter! And there were so many amazing talks that were given. And it made me think about how we use the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. And how every single day we do things that have added to the nail that held Him to that cross. How no matter how much we try, we knew we would add to the suffering He already went through. If that makes any sense. But the amazing thing about it is that He already suffered ! All we have to do is USE His suffering, because it isn't a burden anymore. All we have to do is rely. Rely on what we can't see, but what we know is there and what we know we can fall onto.
  Anyway. There really isn't much left to this e-mail. I don't like e-mailing I've noticed hah. But you know. The cookie crumbled us to the Apple Store. Let's live it up hah.
  I'll send a video about the food I got to eat this week. It's mazing. really.
  But! Until then! La Iglesia es verdadera. Es la unica.

Paz y bendiciones. !

La Hermana B

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