Monday, April 4, 2011


We have abouuttt 1 1/2 hours to e-mail yall, eat dinner, and go grocery shopping. and somehow find a way to get me out of this sweatshirt i'm wearing haha how lame. but anyway! so how are ya'll! HOW DID YOU LIKE CONFERENCE OMGOSH. I have to say. My favorite talk has to have been when Jeffrey R. Holland spoke, and President Monson about temples. There isn't really anything that they said in particular. They were just amazing. And that soft power they spoke with is amazing too. You know what's sad? I'm so scattered right now, I don't really know what to say. But I hope Conference touched ya'll. And I loved how someone..I think Elder Holland.?.. talked about how all of the speakers pray and fast and do their best to do deliver what Heavenly Father told them to speak about. I loved how he said that if we have open hearts to Conference, that at least one of the talks will touch on something that needs to touch US. At least one ! They were all incredible. But just know that I'm okay, and that anything that you need to know or receive comfort from is in the words of the Prophet, from our Heavenly Father. That's why he's there ! I love you. And I hope the video I try and make right now will make up for this e-mail.. well. lack of e-mail. hah anyway. I love ya'll and am praying for you !!

La Iglesia es verdadera.... Hermana B

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  1. Where is last week's e-mail? I missed hearing from her!