Monday, March 14, 2011

porque? pues. somos buenas ondas.. - 3/14/2011

....Which means, at least I heard.. "Because we're so cool." I've ALWAYS WANTED to know how to say that.. it's not in our dictionaries. haha I'm totally kidding. But hey family! Another week has gone by, and this one has been LOCA. buutt luckily! I remembered to write down what I wanted to talk about, because there was honestly so much. It's so funny having to plan what to e-mail someone hah :p

 But anyway! It starts with Monday, where I gained a HUGE testimony of the Holy Ghost, and how much Heavenly Father not only watches over His missionaries, but His children in general. It was Monday night, and we had about a half hour until we had to be inside. It was already dark, and we decided to look up a former investigator in this trailer park. And so we're knocking on the door of the former, and all of a sudden we hear these Americans about 2 trailers up from us, outside, just SCREAMING at each other. Full-blown screaming and cussing each other out. I believeee it was a mom to her young son. As in, 7 years old or so. And someone was threatening to hit him, so when the former didn't answer us, we decided to just keep going down and knocking the houses out there so we didn't cross that families' path. So we go to the next trailer and knock on it, and the yelling all of a sudden stops. We hear hitting. And then Hna. Holland heard someone throwing up. What in the world! So we decided to go down to the next house after that, because we REALLY didn't wanna cross their path then. But we came up to the last house. And we started walking up to it, but I didn't have a good feeling about it. And so we were kind of hesitant, but took another step, and the porch light flickered on right then and our blood just went c
omPLETELY. cold. We w

ere NOT. supposed to knock that trailer. So we just left. And walked right by the family who was calmer by then. And we realized right then that though we do not know what was going on in that trailer at the end, Heavenly Father wanted us out. Whether or not it was even THAT trailer. Heavenly Father knew what was coming, and all we had to do was trust what the Holy Ghost was telling us. No matter WHAT. He will tell us what to do, and will make it very clear to us the road to take if we are not on the right one. ..haha. I know that now. :) But don't worry a

bout us, honestly ! I didn't tell you that to freak you out or anything. Just to let ya'll know. The Holy Ghost will never tell us to do anything that isn't the best for us. We are being protected as long as we are doing what is right ;)
  There's a woman we met the other day, Lupe. Who hesitantly let us into her home, and we started talking to her, and shared the 1st lesson with her. It was a really good lesson, and her heart was litera
lly changing before our eyes. And before we left,we asked her if she would say the closing prayer. And she

says the prayer and starts crying. And then afterwards, she says "amen", and we're all sitting there on our knees, in the middle of her floor. And she is just sitting there and starts crying. So hard, and I had no idea what to do. Seeing the vulnerability in her eyes when we were talking to her showed me just how much pain is in the world. How much pain there is that we aren't even aware of. And knowing that we have what can make ANY soul happy makes me realize just how much we have. No matter how much we may be lacking materially, no matter how unclean the house may be one day, how inadequate we may feel when it

comes to doing ANYthing we are to do that day. No matter WHAT thing of the world that can bring us down, we have the Gospel. We have the one thing that surpasses every single thing of this world. It's min

dblowing right! We just need to use it. Hermana Holland and I were talking about it the other day, about how as a missionary, we are just cut off from everything of the world, all at once. So our 'natural man' just starts clinging onto what it has left. Food, the music we have, clothes, or ANYthing we can get a hold of, because it's what our bodies have been used to for the past 21 years of our lives. But if anything, that's what's the most hard about a mission. It's not hard physically to sit in people's homes and teach them all day. But everything emotional just tries to take over you, since we aren't letting the things of the world take over us. And for it to be so emotionally hard day by day by day makes it seem hard in every way. But no matter what kind of hole we may dig ourselves into, our Savior is right next to us, trying to dig us out while we try and pick ourselves back up. I may never truly know how to fully use the Atonement. If I did, I think I'd be one without problems, since we are supposed to GIVE them all to our Savior. But that's wh

at this crazy ride in our lives is all about, is just trying, and trying, and trying. In that garden of Gethsemane, the
Savior could have, but He didn't quit on us. How could we EVER. quit on him?
  We went yesterday morning to some of our investigators' homes to bring them cinnamon rolls as a 'good morning we have an edible way to invite you to church!' way. haha. Welll. Noone answered their door. But this man walks up to us, and asks us if we're Mormon. His name is Myron, and he starts telling us about how he served a mission out here and got married in the temple and everything, but made one mistake, and now he's divorced and walks wherever he goes, and basically has no family. The decisions we make in this life are SO IMPORTANT. Since being on a mission and learning about how many different ways my life can go, it shows me exactly how much I want to do to just strive and strive to have the life that Heavenly Father set up for me all along. So I'm learning that in life, there are 2 things that are most important to be. Be smart. And be happy. .. I'm only 21, so there's probably more. But that's what I have for now hah

  We got 9 new investigators this week!! It was like miracle week here.. which is way cool, cuz we're way tired. haha. So please pray for them! Also!! A family from my last area, the Yoshida family, came up here and were at church yesterday! Hna. Yoshida's brother is the Branch President here. I could not describe in words how much it made my day seeing them. That lit up my life for Sunday haha. It was like seeing a piece of home. .. Mo Val you're still it.. but um. El Paso too hah :p

But anyway! I love ya'll so so much. I hope this e-mail was less scattered than last week's. I have like. 52 e-mails or so left OH MY GOSH that's going to get so boring for ya'll haha. But just know that I

'm trying to keep it interesting.. not that it really matters. You don't have to read this if you don't want to. I wouldn't even know :P
But! I truly thank you for the support. For every single prayer that I KNOW our Heavenly Father hears. He hears every single one. I pray for you all often, and I try to make you proud :)

Hasta Lunes....el cumpleanos de mi hermana CARA :o!-don't you think I forgot ;)..

La Hermana Batchkoff

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