Monday, January 3, 2011


Welll! Do I have some stories for ya'll this week! It honestly feels like it has been for.EVER since Christmas.. or even New Years' Eve at THAT. We went to church on Sunday, and everyone was telling us "Feliz Ano!" ....making me realize. It's the Ano Nuevo. haha who knew :o

Welll ANYway! I hope everyone's week was good! And New Year too. I was in bed at like. 9:45 that night. Soo. I figured everyone else was too. Please. Correct me if I'm wrong haha, but this week was different!
  So we have our investigator Lucy.. she's golden. truly. and completely golden. As in putting going to church in front of the fact that all of her family is in town, which she did yesterday, and last week, we decided to call her out of the blue.. apparently Hermana Newbold had been thinking about her all morning. So we just called and left a message. And she called us aback a few minutes later, and apparently! We had called at JUST the right moment :o! She had just been called by the job that she had accepted, and they told her she wasn't qualified. And she was in her lowest of lows when we called and she said that everything that has just been going together with the gospel has been incredible. So we offered her a blessing! Because, you know. Who WOULDN'T want one! ;) So she accepted it, and the next day we all met at the church for a blessing, at 2 in the afternoon, and the Bishop and his son came to give it to her, in their white shirts and ties and EVERYthing that one usually wouldn't be wearing in the afternoon :) so she got a blessing with oil right, and this poor thing. She grew up Catholic, and we learned that they don't wash off the oil with a blessing or something, because it'll wash the blessing off. ..So That was Tuesday that she had recieved the blessing I believe. Andd yesterday at church-Sunday- we had found out she STILL hadn't washed her hair because she didn't want the blessing to go away! AND she was on vacation the entire rest of the week! OH MY GOSH THAT POOR THING. I felt HORRIBLE. haha, but I'm prettyyy sure. She's washed her hair by ow. After THAT disaster of us not even realizing that was what Catholics believed. ..MAN she is such a sweetheart though! She is such a motherly figure and is REALLY into HER family, so she always makes sure I'm wearing a jacket when it gets cold outside so I don't get sick and all of that haha. And yesterday, I went up to bear my testimony in the English ward, and she was sitting next to me during sacrament meeting. So when we all came to sit down from bearing our testimonies, she puts her arm around me and gives me this huge hug. Like a complete natural. OH MY GOSH she is so ready to get baptized, it's ridiculous. There is no one who I have seen completely soaking up every single blessing that the gospel offers. It is truly incredible. She doesn't seem to be taking ANYthing for granted in this. Not one thing. Which makes me wonder. Shouldn't we all be taking advantage of this? For the very people that DON'T have this. It's like how we take shoes for granted. We have them to wear. To protect us from everything outside as we take every single step in the outside world, and we take it for granted. We start caring about how nice they are, or how much they were, or how many people like them. Rather than just recognizing the fact that we have what will protect us. With the gospel. We just start taking everything for granted. Rather than realizing the true importance of it. And the true protection that it provides us. There was someone who said, "When we see things so often(or in this case, have something in our lives so often) we see them less and less. HOW TRUE is that.

  So on Saturday, we had dinner with the Juarez family, a family in the Spanish ward. And we walked into the most humble home I had ever been in since being on a mission. The dining room was this tiny room right when we walked into their home that had a plastic table and these plastic crates set up for the 3 of us to sit on. Hermana Juarez served us POZOLE! That she made. THEEE BEST soup in the world. ;) And I asked Hermano Juarez if he had eaten, and he said that if there was leftover, he would have some after we leave. It was an amazing meal that I could see they STRUGGLED to provide us, which made me feel bad at first. Because I would MUCH rather sit there and watch THEM eat, knowing I have cereal or something at home I could just have. But they wanted to serve us. They recognize the blessings that come from this, and they just wanted to see US being provided for. How truly incredible. By the way! I tried coco-flan there for the first time too.. it's like. The bottom half of the cake is chocolate cake, and the top half is flan. Who ever would have thought of that! IT WAS. GENIUS. hahah :p

  So you know my absolutely amazing less active family, the Clark family? Welll yesterday, they weren't at church. Except for Pablo, the 18 year old son that would go by himself every single week. HORRIBLE feeling, I know. So Sister Knight leans over to the Elders in sacrament meeting and asks them to go sit with him. So they get up and walk out to try and be smooth. And then they walk back in, and elder Evans, the UNSMOOTHEST Elder out here haha, is in front of Elder Driggs. And they're walking back in and Elder Evans just STOPS and obviously looks for Pablo, then keeps walking and they go back and sit with him hahah. Soo. Disaster or not, they got back there. Haha by the way, me and Elder Evans have started making up dances for everything. EVERY.thing. Liiike. We have a happy dance when investigators come to church of course, I have a walking in the door dance, he has a '1 point for Elder Evans' dance. GOSH could we be any more cool. hahahhhh. I'm totally kidding. I could DEFINITELY. Be a lot cooler. Considering, you know. I'm not :)

But anyway! I think I'm gonna cut it here. I really hope all is going well. I hope the w
eather's hotter out there... than here. On Friday I think it was, it was like. 30 degrees ALL DAY LONG! And sunny, which was WAY weird. Apparently out here in Texas, sunny doesn't mean warm. Like in California. Who knew. haha.
  Well. We have a Savior. If there is anything to get out of this. No matter how incredibly hard or hopeless life seems to be getting. Who understands our every thought, our every moment of weakness. But only through and WITH him can we recognize the miracle of having happiness and relief in a world that doesn't have it.

I love you so much. INCREDIBLY. I pray for you all, and I hope you all know I'm here for you. ALWAYS. I am here for you. :)

Con TODO. mi corazon. Yo se que hay muchos caminos que JesuCristo mos
tre Su amor para nosotros. El sacerdocio es una GRAN bendicion que tengamos en esta vida. Es la manera que podamos ver las manos de Dios en nuestras vidas. Es el camino que podamos sentir el amor de Dios tocando nuestros corazones, y el camino que podamos sentir los cielos en este mundo.

I love ya'll. I really do. Dios vive.

Hermana Batchkoff

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