Monday, January 17, 2011

From the 'Most Festive' missionary in T.X! 1/17/2011

hahaha, so this past week before transfers, our incredibly amazing District Leader Elder Jordan passed out these BOOTleg presents for 'mosts' of the District.. you know, how they would do 'most likely to..' or 'bests' in the yearbooks ? So. His companion, Elder Jenne, pulls out a Santa Pez dispenser and Elder Jordan says, "Forrrr most festive.. Hermana Batchkoff!" cuz I like bringing glow sticks or cake or something to all of our District Meetings.. or as Elder Jordan likes to call them, 'District Councils'.. haha. They called it most festive, OR the party animal. Haha whatever I'll take it. :)
  So! Transfers SO happened this past weekend. ANYthing could have happened. I mean absolutely ANYthing. I had that nervous stomach Because I truly felt that I was NOwhere near ready to leave, because of the people we've been trying to help. And I hear that when THAT happens, that's when you get transferred. So I was completely FREAKING OUT. But we get the call. And we're all staying. haha. So I'm here for another 6 weeks at least! JEAH. I wouldn't want to be ANY.where else. Honestly. I feel so lucky. So so soso SO lucky!
  I have a cool story for you. This past Saturday we went tracting for a little while, and we tracted into this man. And his name is Jesus, and he's separated from his wife right now and things are.NOT looking good with his wife. So we started talking to him about the gospel of course, and how it can heal ANY family. ANY! family. And how he can be together FOR ETERNITY with his family. And in happiness too. And

after we were done talking to him, he was telling us that he really WAS gonna call for the Together Forever DVD.. and would you CHECK THIS OUT. HE DID! We got a referral text from today because he called for it. That is RARE. RARE. I am telling you. So! Guess who we are gonna see become a family forever! Well. We need to see how our appointment with him goes tomorrow, but prayers would be WAY more than appreciated for him. He's really trying to fix things. It's so heartbreaking how desperate these people seem to fix something that has spiraled and become so broken before their own eyes, without them even realizing it. And now they're just trying, with all they have, to hang on. To give all they have to not completely fall into what could very well be something worse than what they're experiencing now. The gospel really IS the only thing that can lift and create something out of nothing. AbsoLUTEly nothing. And so now! It's just up to them. It's up to them to hang on to what has been given them by their Heavenly Father.
  Lucy's doing well! We had to have a DTR.. the "Define the Relationship".. as Elder Jordan would quote it.. "We really love spending time with you.. but we want to be more than just friends.. .. ..... .. ... we want you t

o be baptized." hah, so. We were kind of afraid that Lucy started seeing us as more of 'friends', and less as servants of our Savior who were trying to help her. So we were trying to come up with what would help her. And we came up with. Repentance! Because friends don't just talk about repentance. But servants of the Lord do! So. We did, and it went well! But it came time for Sunday. Anddd she wasn't at church. But this amazing mission got texting this past week. !!!!!! So! We texted her! It turns out she woke up late and said sorry.. but this woman speaks Spanish too.. so we wrote back telling her she could always come to the Spanish ward at 1. So she did! Anddd she loved it. Anddd she's amazing. Just aMAZING. I wish words could describe it. We heart-attacked her house on Saturday morning, and she showed her entire family, who isn't even wanting to learn right now, and THEY loved it, her Jehovah Witness husband even liked it, and she took a picture of it on her phone and has been showing EVERY.body! And she still has the hearts up on her door. In her ritzy bling blingy neighborhood. It's so incredbile, how much she has materialistically, but how she has truly been STARVED from everything she deserves because she has been so focused on everyone else around her. But she's finding so much love in this Church, and it has "taken her away".. truly. incredible.
  So those are the main people we are working with right now. We still have our Clark Family we absolutely l
ove, and prayers for them would be appreciated too ;) This week has been an okay one. More has happened. Hermana Jarman, my roommate in the MTC, was attacked by a bulldog, so long story short, Hermana Good was sent to go care for her. Which I believe was why we were in a trio all along, because Heavenly Father knew that was going to happen, and wanted everything to be alright if Hermana Good had to go. So! Nowww. It's me and Hermana Newbold. She's WAY amazing. And we have to ROCK it this transfer. We absolutely LOVE the people here. they're like noone I ever would have imagined I would have been blessed to be able to meet.
  I'm not gonna lie family, this mission is TOUGH. Everyone is dealt with a completely different stack of cards as a missionary. There are no 2 missions that are alike. Because none of us, as God's children, are completely alike. We just need to be here for each other. Yesterday was Ward Conference, and the Stake President out here, President Anderson, gave us a lesson in Relief Society about how what we should do should be like we are doing it to our Savior. Like the scripture that says, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"... I have heard that before, but I never really realized that WHAT I DO is what I'm doing to the Savior. So all morning, I've been looking at EVERYthing I do for others differently, wondering if I'm doing it because it is what I'm doing to the Savior, or if I'm just doing it to be a good person. Or if I'm doing it for the right reasons at all. It's made me look at others differently. Do things differently, with a different attitude. Everything! So that would be what I have to say to you all this week. WhatEVER thing we do, no matter how big or small, is what we are doing to the Savior.
  Welll. I hope that picture by the border freaked you out ! ahhah I'm kidding. Don't let it freak you out. I PROMISE it's civilized out here :)

I llove you all, and pray for you SO MUCH. Let me know if there is ANYthing. ABSOLUTELY ANYthing! that I can do for you. ..That's free. Cuz um. That's what I CAN do. haha

Oh! And Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! MY MAN! hah, I'm not even sad that we don't get mail today. Go look up MLK Jr. quotes today, ya?? He's a truly amazing man. And brought so much. We can all become ANYthing if we let God make us into it. With Him, we are bigger than we could ever be.

  La iglesia de JesuCristo ha cambiado mi vida. No hay NADA en este mundo que pueda cambiar corazones y mentes, y VIDAS como el Evangelio de JesuCristo. El poder de Dios esta en todo que yo vea, y necesitemos buscar por las manos de Dios en cada carga, en cada tiempo de oscuridad. Sus manos son la luz que necesitemos buscar por.

Les quiero!

La Hermana B.. ... ..

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