Monday, January 24, 2011

Enero- Dinero! Ha. 1/24/2011

Buenas tardes mi familia favorita !

  So this week has been another week as a missionary. Out here, you really canNOT tell what is going to happen. It's like a different lesson in every day. But there are some cool things that happened !

  So the other night, our appointment for dinner cancelled, so we decided to go where we heard has THE BEST horchata en el mundo.. it's the Pro's Ranch Market. And apparently they have a lot of these mercados en Mexico, but they're stores that have ALLLL kinds of stuff in there. Liiike at this mercado, there's an entire restaurant on the inside, an agua fresca bar, which sells all these different types of fresh juices and fruit, and there's a Cremeria section which has homemade string cheese and yogurt and everything.. and it's all CHEAP! It's like walking into a fiesta on the inside. We're going there tomorrow for correlation so we could get on some more horchachacha haha, so if I;m allowed I'll take pictures of the inside. Como una. FIESTA I am not even KIDDING you! hah
  But on the more spiritual side, our main investigator who keeps progressing in the English ward, Lucy, is on vacation in Italia right now :o! She left on Thursday I believe, and we had a lesson with her on Wednesday. We were planning on teaching her the Gospel.. But she just says, "Sooo. Is it true that we can't have coffee?" so. To answer her question we're all, "Ya. We can't." haha, so we were talking about it, and I was able to talk about how mom had to give it up, so it IS possible ! So she's gonna try to give it up. But I felt I should ask her if that means she's found her answer on whether or not she should be baptized, and she says NO! She hasn't even prayed, but in HER words she's all, "But honestly, I think it's because I already know what the answer is, I'm just afraid of it." We put ourselves in her shoes, being completely without her family, leaving them for church and everything, so we're just trying to help her see that NOthing! But good comes from this church. This gospel!
  There's also someone we tracted into, Jesus. And he has been having some MAJOR problems in his 18-year marriage. And he's desperately trying to fix it. DESPERATELY. So we taught him the 1st lesson, and he would just break down SOBBING, from the hardships in his life, and how he just wants to feel 'good' again. He has had SUCH! A hard life. So! He agreed on a baptismal date, but we called him on Sunday to see if he was coming to church, and he told us he had been kicked out of his house by his wife, and so now we can't meet with him because he doesn't have a permanent address. But he's been reading the Book of Mormon and 'LOVES it!' and praying also. We just can't do anything much, other than wait and pray and have the faith that everything will work out with him. Because we DO have an eternity to find what it is we are ALL looking for.

haha, the Elders are getting haircuts, and they're just sticking their heads through trash bags to cover their white shirts.

ANYway. So those are the main things that have happened this week. Actually though, we went to Vista, the grocery store right by us, before we came here to e-mail. And do ya'll remember Raul?? One of the first people I taught as a missionary whose wife called us threatening us, sooo we dropped him ? Welll. He works at Vista now. And I saw and recognized him and we said hi to each other, and I had NO clue what to do. There's nothing in the missionary handbook on what to do if THAT happens! So long story short, we go in and shop, then go to the truck and he comes to get the cart from us, and I looked up and saw him, and he asked me how I've been and everything, and we just talked for a little. He apologized for what happened, anddd. After a little bit, we said bye to each other. Anddd. I just got in the truck and drove away. Just. Hopeless isn't the word I wanted to use. But I didn't know what to do. There I was. Just driving away from someone who had helped me so much to see the potential in others. And I wanted to say something, I really did. But I had NO idea of WHAT I should say. It's like having an ex-boyfriend who you have so much you want to say to them, but when it comes that time to say it. You have nothing hah. That's the closest thing I could compare it to. But I haven't stopped thinking about it! He's doing well! And there's just SO MUCH Heavenly Father gives you as a missionary to see in others, and you just want to pick them up. Even if you don't have what it takes. Even if you yourself don't have the strength, or much to offer them once you try to pick them up, you want to do it. And you want to have every right word to say to dry their tears, and chip off every layer of hopelessness they have, and give them something to look towards. It's just so hard. Walking away.
  On that note though, at least we know where he is! We can redeem ourselves, and who knows? Maybe if it would help getting the Elders over there, we can try THAT too. So hope is what it's all about. It is ALL about your attitude. ALL. About your attitude. Which I am working SO hard on. Because it is honestly what will carry anyone, is how they take everything. Every trial. I'm not the best example. But I'm learning this hah.

  I hope ya'll are doing well. I hope you are looking every single day to find the lesson life has to give you, because everything that happens is a possibility for us to learn something new. About ourselves, about our purpose for being here, about our Heavenly Father. About our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  Ojala todos ustedes tienen buena salud este mes, y este ano. Espero que todo este bien con ustedes. Saben que estoy aqui para ustedes, aunque mi casa ahorita esta un poco lejos. Estoy orando por ustedes, y yo se que los angeles estan sobre ustedes, para levantarles en sus aflicciones.

I love you!

La Hermana "B"

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  1. Hermana B.,

    You are doing an awesome job! We, at Socorro Ward, are very proud of you. You indeed bring in a new light to this ward and indeed the Lord will bless you far beyond the years to come. Keep growing and keep enduring, you're just getting the easy part right now.
    By the way, for those that read this, I know Sister B and she is not exaggerating about the places she's described. There is just so much rich lamanite culture for those that can see.
    Adelante, hermana, usted es un gran ejemplo!