Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Welll! These are the words to that Feliz Navidad song nobody ever knows hahaha..
"Feliz Navidad, prospero ano y felicidad" ..="Prospering year and happiness"
..Isn't Spanish so much more interesting hahah.

Sorry, I'm on kind of late today.. but it was because we went to a member's house this morning to do this WAY cool project.. and I did it and am going to be sending it to don't hate on this late e-mail YET! You'll LOVE what you're gonna be sending.. I almost wanted to keep it hah. But! I'll be sending it aroundd next week, soo don't expect it TOO quick!

Well I'm not really sure what to put in this e-mail, since I had that one amazing.. AMAZAZing opportunity to skype the coolest family and neighbors 2 days ago! Ya'll are really TRULY incredible. It was weird, because you seem to be exactly how I left you! Well. With more wisdom. not age ;) hah but it was like I had never even left. It COULD be because it's only been 4 months, but it was SO good to know how good YOU all are. How strong you have been since I've been gone.. not that I really know how much I am to leave haha, but you're all happy. And that's what makes me happy. :) How noo MATTER what, Heavenly Father always has us in His hands, taking the best care of us we could possibly ever be in.
  Soo any new lessons I have learned this week. Well! I've learned that Satan never ever EVER stops working. This week especially, it just seems like he was trying to push me farther and farther away from what the Lord wants me to do. And if you think about it, he's been watching me this entire time I've been on Earth. So he knows exactly what pushes my buttons and really gets at me the most. So he's been trying at every single cost to push them! I got a blessing yesterday though, and I realized that even though he may know me for the time I've lived HERE, Heavenly Father knows everything. Every single thought, every single intention I have had, and every single thing that I need right this second to make me feel better. That blessing was everything I needed. WhoEVER is reading this, Heavenly Father loves us so much. More than I could ever imagine. More than ANY of us could ever imagine. And whenever life gets rough-which I remember Sister Deyo saying awhile ago, "As long as the weather changes, we will have trials"- Heavenly Father would NEVER. Quit on us. So how could we quit on Him? It doesn't matter how much I do or don't want to do something. What matters is what Heavenly Father wants me to do, because in the end THAT is what will bring me the most happiness. Which is why I'm here. Which is why you are waking up every Sunday morning to get ready for church. Which is why we do the things we do and make the sacrifices we make. Because Heavenly Father KNOWS. What will bring us the most joy. And His other children. The capacity
we have to be answers to someone's prayers, or a guardian angel to save a life as long as we listen to every feeling we get to do good, is inCREDIBLE.
  So! Before I start going off on crazy tangents. Isn't this gospel all that!

  I have another story right quick before I get going too..
so. You wanna hear something cool? So I got a letter from Josh Lopez a week or so ago right? And he told me about this couple who were DINERO investigadores that he was teaching in his mission, but they moved to El Paso! So! We 'made a call' to our Zone Leader and found the Elders whose area that family is in, and this past Wednesday I found the Elder, Elder Moore, who would be their missionary. An I talked to him, and he already called them, AND he said they were WAY excited to know that there's missionaries out there too! hah who EVER would have thought that would've happened.. so this couple might get baptized because of the

hookups the missionaries from Mo Val have haha

  by the way... Sister Newbold's brother lives in California, and she was talking to him on Christmas and asked him about Mo Val, where I'm from, and he's all, "Oooo ya I know exACTLY where she's from.. DANG that's ghetto!" ..hah. Everyone out here thinks I'm from the HOOD hood. Whatever. :p

  Well anyway. I hope you all know how much I love you, and pray for you. Es un poco loco los

nombres que viene en mi cabeza por el dia, pero yo tomo la oportunidad a orar por cada nombre de yo pienso! Ustedes estan en mis oraciones. Estoy bien aqui! No tengan miedo! jajaj ;)

welll. It's way weird trying to type Spanish, because I'm pretty sure I get it wrong haha, but know that I mean well. Read your scriptures. Do what God tells you. Life's way WAY way too short not to. :) I love yoU!

Con todo que yo tengo,

Hermana Lia Batchkoff/"Batchkok"/"Backwash"/"Backwash"/"B".... bueno. hahaha

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