Monday, December 13, 2010


Mannn this week was a WEEK! I have so much to tell you. And I keep meaning to just bring my journal so I can know exactly what I need to say. But I keep forgetting it! But um. I'd rather forget my journal than my testimony. So let's do dis !
  So Tuesday was transfer day. And we went and got our new companion, Hermana Newbold. She's a teacher, so she has allll these cool ways of teaching with pictures and stuff. So I'm excited! She laughs at my jokes, so we should be good! hahaha
 Ummm. So this week. We have this investigator Angie right ? And her husband's name is Edgar, and he's a less active. And Angie has been reading and praying. To the point of crying, realizing this church is true. She's pregnant, so she had been bringing her Book of Mormon to the doctor's and reading it on her own and EVERYthing. ..ask the Elders. That's golden. So on Friday, we set a baptismal date with her for January 1st. She SAID that was the way to start the year off right. And literally the next day she gives us a call. Saying she's been thinking about it all day, and she really doesn't see the need to be baptized again since she's already been baptized Catholic. She doesn't want us over, only once in awhile if we wanna stop by and say hi. And. ya. She HORRIBLE. The first time being dropped. It honestly feels like I had just got dumped. I wasn't there because we were at the ward Christmas party, so I was talking to some people when the call came. And there are SO MANY THINGS I just wanna ask her, like if she's prayed about this or just thought about it, or if there's a reason she changed her mind so quick. Satan just knew how ready she was. How hard she was working, and wouldn't stop. it's really sad how that happens. Because once you see a light in someone and it just changes, overNIGHT in this case, you just wonder. Like I just started wondering what in the world could happen to ANYbody that has the light. We canNOT slip! We can never ever EVER slip, because Satan is RIGHT THERE trying to catch us in our biggest moments of weakness. So it's up to us to make these biggest moments of weakness our biggest moments of strength, or if we're going to let the weakness cave in on us and suck us up. Lesson learned. BOO SATAN.! hahah
  But yesterday was better! We went to church, and 3! Count them 3! Less active families we've been trying and trying to work with came to church! One of my favorite families here, the Clark family, was there. The dad and 18 year old son would come every once in awhile, but yesterday THE MOM CAME! HUUUUUGGE! It was SO GREAT. So me and this Elder, Elder Evans, made up a happy dance. I've never had a happy dance! But that was a happy happening! So! Let's DANCE! hahaha, it's weird, because my Spanish IS progressing.. I HOPE.. but whenever I'm at the Clark's I can hardly speak it! I don't think I will ever know why, but it's incredible. Because no matter how much I do or don't speak, I just feel something in their home that I haven't felt many other places. They have such a warmth about them, and it's WAY cool, because there were times where we considered giving up on them. But I promised myself I wouldn't give up on anyone unless Heavenly father tells me to. So we just let them sit like a week to feel the difference of the home without missionaries. And we came back and things had honestly seemed to make a 180. It was so
cool. SO.COOL. So we have dinner with them on Wednesday too. Prayers! or.. oraciones! But really. They would be appreciated. :)
  So we have a new District Leader! His name is Elder Jordan, and he is SO COOL! We had District Meeting on Friday, and he called the night before to let us know we need to bring something to have Show and Tell. So I had no clue WHAT to bring. So I brought my stunna shades with the rhinestones hahaha. Like. a G! And OH MY GOSH. Our Zone Leader, Elder Farnsworth, 'showed' us how he can hold a handstand for DAYS, but didn't really 'tell' much haha. Elder Evans brought his Luke Skywalker action figure with Yoda on his back and made up a story.. Elder Gust brought a stuffed monkey, since he's going to VeraCruz and apparentlyy they have a lot of monkeys there ? But anyway, the monkey's arms are like sling shots, so when you sling the monkey it starts.. making monkey noises. I dunno what you call it haha but it is GENIUS! It was so fun.

  Wanna hear something else cool?? So it's Saturday right. And we went visiting less actives and former investigators, and where we were, noone was home right? So all of a sudden I think of this family, the Ter
raza family, that we've been needing to visit. They were kind of out of the way, but we decided to go anyway. The Terraza's weren't home, so we get back in the truck to figure out what we're gonna do next. And I see the cars are all mostly home at the houses on that street, so I said, "Why don't we just knock these doors?" so. We prayed about it. And we went and started knocking, and found a new investigator, who's interested in our message about families! Cuz you know. Who WOULDN'T be!?? And then we find a woman, who actually said she wasn't interested in learning how her family can be together forever. "Umm, no, that doesn't really interest me right now." next ! We knocked on the door of this other less active's house, who basically chased Hermana Good off her porch last time apparently, and she lets us RIGHT in! And she's just talking to us, telling us how she had been crying earlier that day, and was praying for some h

elp and trying to figure out w
hat to do. And we came! It was amazing, because I have such a hard time trying to figure out how I'm recognizing the Spirit working with me, but it completely DID! And we get to go see her tomorrow, and she's gonna co

ok us Cuban food. Cuz she's Cuban. Haha I sounded weird there.
  Well anyway family, that's the week. Prayers would be appreciated! Especially for our investigator/future relief society president Lucy Martinez, who is SO BEYOND incredible! So I love you. Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou :)

Keep the faith. Keep the hope. Christmas is coming SO QUICK :o!

Con todo mi amor, Hermana Batchkoff

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