Monday, December 20, 2010

buh buh buh BAM! Navidad!

It's the week of Christmas and it doesn't feel like it AT ALL. What! The hey ! But I dunno. Maybe it's a good thing ? It hasn't really hit me at all that Christmas is this Saturday.. because honestly. Everyday is just missionary work. Nothing really different, just different people. Different experiences. It's like waking up with the sun shining even though we 'technically' go through all 4 seasons. It just doesn't feel like it. Ya digg !
  Welll. SOOO so much has happened this week. So we had District Meeting on Thursday right? And we have this new District Leader, Elder Jordan. The super incredibly active Elder that has show and tell and everything, and THIS week he brings like. This 3 foot long stocking full of Christmas presents to hand out to us hahah! Then on Friday was the ward Christmas Party in the Spanish ward. And it was so cool! They had all of the youth going around to everyone's tables, taking their drink orders and bringing us everything out no trays.. like we were at a restaurant hah! It was SO COOL. The things the Hispanics come up with. I. am TELLING you. Make me feel about 1,000% LESS creative than I'm already not haha. But that's okay!
  So our main people right now.. I THINKK I told you about the Clark family already. For SOME reason that I may never understand, I can never speak much Spanish when I'm at their home.. like. Less than usual haha. But for some reason I will never understand, I just absolutely have this feeling for them that I haven't felt for everyone else. Their family is so incredible ! And! They're less actives, and they
1. invited us over for dinner for homemade flautas :O on Wednesday
2. went to the ward Christmas party

I have a picture I got with them that I'll be sending to you.. when we were at their house, it was both of my companion's idea to sing Joseph Smith's 1st vision to them, and if we all know me.. I for one, don't sing. And for two, was just. not really into that sentimental kind of idea. Just because I'm not like that. But I figured if there is any time to go spiritual beyond what I'm comfortable with, it's as a missionary! So we did it, and then one of my companions asked them how they felt. So they asked the 18-year old son Pablo, the only one who would go to church every single week before, how he felt. And he's sitting their with his little brother, getting those manly tears and almost crying. It was SO incredible. I thought MAN. If that was MY son! How extremely proud of him would I be. He's going on a mission. I hope he understands that. ahaha

Soo who else. Oh! LUCY MARTINEZ. So I have this thing, where I put the people who are incredibly MONEY investigators in my journal, with all of these ugly squiggles and stars around their names all big hahaha. I've done that with Angie and with Lucy. We've been seeing Lucy for awhile now, and she is SO. Amazing. Words couldn't describe. She's VERY work-oriented, and she has every single thing lined up for her to really be ready to accept the gospel. Every single lesson we have with her she starts crying in the end because of the strong spirit that is always there, and she is honestly just soaking up every single thing we teach her. She REALLY needs to feel how much she is worth, because she's been shorthanded so much in her life. And accepted it. So she reads and reads and prays and prays, and yesterday we had a fast as a District to find more Spanish people to teach.. and evennn though Lucy's in English, I fasted for a miracle. That she'd be able to come to church, SOMEhow, SOMEway. Because her husband's not really down for us AS OF YET I don't think..he's an inactive Jehovah's Witness. But! It comes aroundd 12:55 or so, before the English ward starts right? And like a movie I'm NOT EVEN kidding you, I 'see her from afar', ALL dressed up in church clothes, with her fellowshipper's scriptures that she lent Lucy in her hand, looking like a R.S. President ;) and I have GOT. To say. That has to be theee BEST Christmas present I have ever gotten. IN MY LIFE. To see someone I've been able to START teaching to walk into church. So she got to sit next to me, and every single hymn, she was singing at the top of her lungs with me, like she truly belonged there.
  BUT! FUNNIEST STORY EVER. The next class was Gospel principles right! So we go in there, and the teacher is one of the other Hermanas this time, who happens to know A LOT. of doctrine. And likes to talk really deep. And so. Of allll topics that could have been the lesson, it's. The Millenium. So the lesson starts going off on ALL of these different tangents, liiike. The Urim and Thummim. The Dead Sea Scrolls. Which I think I've HEARD of like. Once in my life. I started getting lost. hahaha, so Elder Evans is sitting in front of me, and we keep giving each other THEE MOST PAINFUL LOOKS because of what's happening. I'm sitting here, trying so hard not to laugh because of how completely UNcomfortable everything was. So there was one point where I just raised my hand and said, "So basically, everyone who does good will be saved when Christ comes?" And the answer was 'exactly'. but then. Another 20 minutes went by of uncomfort. I couldn't really explain it to you. But I have never experienced one of the longest 30 minutes of my life until that class hahaha. But it's okay! Because LUCY (with squiggles and stars) soaked it all up. Like the amazing woman she is. And she loved every bit of it. So prayers
for her! Lucy Martinez! :D
  So we went to the William's home, from the English ward, on Saturday night for dinner. And Brother Williams had a mouth of STEEL when it comes to spicy. So we always talk about different spicy stuff. And we started talking about habanero peppers. These tiny peppers that are. you know. NOT unhot. So he asked me if I would try one if he went to the store and got some right then. So I said ya ! So he comes back and we each get some peppa, and we count to 3. and we eat it. And I'm cool for a second. Then I start realizing that once there's no flavor in it it IS NOTHING but heat!! So I'm drinking the milk he had allll ready for me, and he gave me, and he gave me a bread roll to just stick in my mouth. And what's the coolest part, is that after about 20 minutes my mouth went from on fire to completely numb anyway hahaha! Hermana Good got a video of it. It was SO FUNNY. So um. Habaneros. try them. ahahh
  So I did my first 'heart attack'! to somebody who is investigating, but we haven't been able to get a hold of her in awhile. And so we went on Friday night with all these hearts with good things to say about her (Hope-prayers for her would be coo! :p) and we went all quiet like complete

hoodrats to go stick them all over her door. It was cool! It was like ding dong ditching. But like a missionary! And. without ding-donging! haha
  Soo THAT was pretty much what was the most interesting about my week. If there's anything I'm forgetting, it'll proooblly be in the letter I write home. So many great things have happened this week, but it has been a HARD week too. I'm trying to figure out how I can be 'me' to be able to mold me and missionary into the same person. Because after living for 21 years in the world, it's really hard to just try and 'leave' it, if that makes sense. It's not easy living on a higher standard, without any of the things that make it easier to 'escape' feelings, and problems, and everything that goes along with those. There was a point last week, where I just felt Satan trying to pull, and pull and pull, and make me want to not be here. And I realized that I wouldn't be able to even study with everything that has been going through and clouding my mind. And so for about half of personal study, I just prayed. And prayed and prayed and realized! That I just need to give everything to Heavenly Father. Which takes A LOT of faith, to give all of you to something you can't even see. It's like you have a REALLY expensive. vase. Or something f

ragile. And you're told there is a hand that you can't see that will catch it when you drop it. So you have to drop it trusting that it WILL actually be caught. It is SO HARD to trust in that hand. But everything I am has been because I have been carried through my life to get me through to this exact point that I'm at right now. It's just been one of my struggles, trying to figure out exactly HOW to keep being able, from day to day, to have enough faith to know that I am being carried every single second to what will bring me, and most importantly everybody ELSE, the most happiness.
  So this week has been tough! But I would be lying if I said I hadn't felt amazing at those moments when I get to see the Lord's hand. But we all can if we look! That's what's SO cool about it!


Entonces, este es el mensaje por ustedes hoy. Tengan la fuerte que necesiten cada dia, y

buscan por todas oportunidades a levantar loz brazos sin esperanza en el mundo. Pienso que mis sentimientos no estan correcto, pero espero que ustedes pueden entender mis palabras haha.

I love you all! Anddd for my family. I'll talk to youuu. In! A few days what WHAAATT!

Feliz Navidad. Recuerda de orar y dar gracias a nuestro Padre Celestial por nuestro Salvador, la razon que estamos aqui

I love you! I don't think I could say it enough, but I'm getting clingy! Okay. Lata ON!

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