Friday, October 22, 2010

Email - 10/22/2010

 WHAT WHAT ! or.. QUE AHORA!....What NOW! hahhaa, so I have a little list of things I wanted to tell you, and then I'll just let this one flow hopefully. . hopefully. haha
SO! Momma! THAT IS SO HILARIOUS you full-on called mission president.. I guess we're making our NAME in N.M. early ya ! ahah, if you're worried about THOSE things, I found out that they have tarantula-eating wasps out there. And apparently if a person gets stung-or bit I dunno- by one of them, it feels like a hot nail. Fancy! How exciting is THIS gonna be :) But! NOPTHING TO CALL THE MISSION PRESIDENT OVER I PROMISE hahaha. I'll be fine! Umm other things I have on my list. READ!! In your next Family Home Evening I'm SHO you're having every Sunday night CHYEAH! Read D&C 117:13, AND!! Romans chapter 8 in the Bible. I WOULD point out my favorite verses from it, but I want ya'll to read the ENTIRE thing to find your own ;) it is BOMB!   how I said ti....BAAAMMB! ahhah
  Ooookay, so I kept my list short right! I figured whatever I don't tell you here I'll get to tell you when I shout you that !hola! on the telefono in 2 days or so.... I wonder if there's a word meaning 'telly' in Espanol ? ahah. I hope Dad laughed at that. Anyway. I'm guessing you'll be getting the call arounddd 7ish your time to 9.. I'm hoping. I reallyyy really am.
  OH! So we had our first apostle of 'my stay' here on Tuesday night for a Devotional!! Russell M. Nelson. It was crazy CRAZY amazing, in the beginning someone went up to the podium and said that when an authority comes we need to remember to stand. GIVEAWAY. But we stood! And it's crazy when you can hear a pin drop in a room FULL of people. SO COOL.
  I don't have TOO too much time left, I honestly don't know where this e-mailing time goes. But I guess I'll say what I learned and loved most about the MTC while I've been here real quick..
I may not wanna leave because I'm not the minority here. In the real world, we don't walk out of class and have 2 Elders ask to bear our testimonies, and when they bear theirs they start crying and it's different. It's not unusual here. It's not unusual to share your deepest feelings because we need to be as strong as we can for the people that don't realize these feelings about themselves, if that makes sense. So even though I DO NOT want to leave, it's because we're trying to make it so this ISN'T a 'minority' thing.. if that makes sense.!
We CANNOT JUDGE. I do it everyday. But when we get to know these people and what every single person has to offer te world, good more than bad, we can come to realize we are all more alike than we are different.
Soup and cereal won't give you stomachaches. ahahhhhh
Happiness if how you look at things. It's how you try and apply your attitude to make every circumstance around you a good one, or you won't be happy!
ahhh I don't have much time left.. I have learned SO MUCH here. It really is like Heaven on earth that I never ever would have guessed. If anyone that reads this wants to go on a mission, "Usted sabe lo que es arriba!".. which is like. the DIRECT translation of 'you know what's up!' haha, but not the Spanish translation. ANYway!
OH! SUPER cool! So yesterday Hna. Holland was in the bathroom and I was waiting outside of it for her, so I peeked around the corner to see if anyone from my Zone was on the sofas studying or anything, so I saw some of the Elders and I was like, "Hola Elderes!" and they all looked up and said hi, and Elder Nay says, "Oh my gosh. I don't mean for this to sound creepy. But you just made me REALLY happy right now. Like honestly. That just made me SO happy." And then Elder Mortensen says, "You always make me happy!" ..which! made me realize. We need to ALWAYS be looking for ways we can make others happy, and try to be happy ourselves. Because it's true. A simple hello CAN turn a day aorund!
ahhh I didn't get all the feelings out I wanted to. BUT! I'll probably be able to on Monday ! HOLLA. I hope I sounded a little clearer. I have 16 months to get better at these e-mails. hah I LOVE YOU FAMILIA
from the bottom of mi corazon ! What are ya'll doing for Halloween?? Why am I asking for questions like I'll get an answer?? hahaha OH! And it's SOMEbody's birthday coming up. ....papi ;o I love it when you call me big poppa!
haha me and Elder Munk sing and dance to that when we can. BABYLON BABYLON. OKAY I LOVE YOU !
Hermana Lia Batchkoff
p.s. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PICTURES! The photo thing isn't working, so I'll PROOOBLLY just send you my memory card soon if you send it right back !!!!! I LOVE YOU
TTY IN 2 haha

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