Saturday, October 16, 2010

Email - 10/15/2010

ayyyyayayAY mi familia what it do ??!
  Solomente tengo diez días mas en el MTC, y es MUY raro.. SUPER raro that I´m already about to leave!! So only one more e'mail after this one before I´m on da plane.. We didn´t get our flight plan yesterday! And we were SO SURE we would, but I´m thinking we´ll get them today before dinner. Hermana Holland found out just now though that our flight´s at 6 a.m., which I guess is what it usually is. So! I´ll just write you about it P..I can´t do faces with Spanish mode on while typing.. but I was supposed to smile there hahah.
  SO!! YOUR MISSION.! Look up-buy-get the music-READ THE WORDS to the song ¨Lead Kindly Light¨´s a hymn that we sang in choir the other day, and IT IS AMAZING. The song, and the words. And allllll of it ! I´ve never had a song hit me like that before, as lame as THAT sounds. INCREDIBLE. ...or increíble hah.. another smiley face.
  So guess what we did yesterday! Me and my District matched..the Hermana´s shirts with the Elder´s ties ahhah.. we only alll had blue, so that´s what we went with! We took pictures, so I´ll try to get some out to ya´ll STAT. Last night I talked to Elder Munk and Elder Stucki, the Zone Leaders who are in our District, about matching again. And they said they were going wear black and silver ties today, cuz that´s what they wear on temple days. So guess what Hermana Batchkoff did without them knowing! I´m wearing my gray skirt with a black shirt. ahhahaha. I KNEW I loved everyone more than they loved me! hah
  Umm! I´m not sure what else to say right now ! Scandalous huh.. so many things happen throughout the week, and it´s been way hard this week for some reason. It gets funner towards the end of the MTC because I don´t feel like I´m completely lost around this place, but not we´re just teaching and teaching and teaching. Which is good ! It´s one of those things I need to get A LOT better at, so it´s good practice, even though it´s not easy. Hah it was horrible this morning in the temple....which words I never EVER thought I would put together in one sentence. But check it! We did initiatories, so we were out way early before breakfast. So we decided to go to the laundry room to do some service. And the lady in charge down in the laundry room speaks Spanish AND English. And for some reaosn that I DO NOT KNOW, she thinks I´m better at my Spanish than i am! So she starts telling me about her son who´s entering the MTC December 8th, which I understood, and then she started talking and talking faster and CRYING AND I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND. I felt SO BAD because she was pouring her heart out to me! So! When you don´t understand. You GRAB them and hug them! THAT way! You let them know you care, even though you don´t understand! Haha, I felt bad though, so a little later I asked her to tell me in English, and I guess her son was wayyy inactive, and she´d go to the temple and pray so much for him, and he´s finally going on a mission and taking out his endowments tomorrow. ...I wish I could have just understood that the first time haha. But iss cooo right !
  Umm what else. OH! I got to be a host the other day! Me and my district. When new missionaries get here, a host takes their stuff and takes them to their room and to get their books and nametag and stuff. We got a super cool ´host´ sticker and it was SO FUN. People were asking ME questions! Instead of the other way around. Like always. The life here. haha
  So! To ya´ll.. you got rid of the d-o-gG.. WHAT!! haha didn´t you just get it! Or has it been that long already! I dunno. I guess I´ll never know what could have happened with Dakota. Da-cute-a. hahaha MAN! The possibilities!´s really okay though, when I saw the picture of him..her.. I don´t know. I was like. Ya..we picked her!!_ ..sorry there´s no question marks with Spanish setting either.. and I don´t know how to get rid of it haha. WACK.
  Welll anyway mi familia. I´m praying for ya´ll everynight. 10 días mas no!! OH MY GOSH it´s so weird. Oh! By the way. I´m the ¨Coordinating Sister¨ here too in my branch.. I just go to a grip of meetings, it´s not really important or anything. Cuz there aren´t any problems with us haha. But! At least it´s a title I get to write home about! hahah I´m completely just kidding about that.
  Welll anyway familia. I have a little feeling this e-mail is way lame. And for that I AM WAY sorry. But! I get to hear sus voces muy muy soon no! no is like ´right´.. not like ´no´I don´t wanna talk to you haha. But anyway.
  La iglesia es verdadera! Byy the way!! This face wash deal is putting a damper on mi cara..hah! cara is face! AND cara is my sister! HOLLA !
Ok really now I love you. SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOsososososo much. More than you know. and I see ya´ll more and more in everything I do and say. I am SO LUCKY to have been raised by such great examples like you. I´ll be writing you a letter in a little bit.. anddd til then. paz. ..smiley face. haha
-Hermana Lia Michele Batchkoff

I really wish the Lead Kindly Light video would post here but it is NOT working!! But it is a really amazing song and she's right - probably one of the best church hymns. Here's the link until i figure out how to post the video up on here :

-Batchkoff Family

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  1. I LOVE reading her emails, I swear I can just "hear" her saying all that stuff... I miss her! AND yet, SO very excited for her!!!