Friday, October 8, 2010


OH MY GOSH. The computer wouldn't log me on, so I tried exiting and it took 5 minutes off of my time! Now I have 5 minutes less to e-mail! You don't understand the pain!!! ahahh
 ok! Well I have a lot to tell ya'll this week! GUESS WHO is on her mission and lives 2 doors down from my room. President Eyring's granddaughter! And I got to meet her! I'm not gonna go into alll this detail because it's more embarrassing on MY part how I acted.. prooobably how I would act seeing Hannah Montana if I was 7. or something. hahaha WAY lame. But! She said she'll write her family about me...who knows if she really will, but at least she said it! And she sat next to meat breakfast! TIGHT! hahaha okay, but ANYway.
  SO HOW AMAZING WAS CONFERENCE mi familia! You have GOT to look up Richard G. Scott's talk, since ya'll didn't get to right ? At least I think.. it's a.mazing. But I have to say, at the end of the last session I was COMPLETELY spiritually drained after hearing all of the talks hah.. but let me tell you the BEST words come from the Lord's servants ! :P aha, oh! SO. I had THE COOLEST experience last night.
  We were teaching a teacher who was playing the role of a man named Wilfred right? And I somehow was able to relate the experiences I've had in my life, being inactive, and being in Christian school when I was younger and feeling the difference of this church, to him. And I could not tell you exactly what I said cuz I don't really remember, but I had almost started crying. ALMOST. started crying. And it was so IN.credible, because we had to go in there and help this person have a spiritual experience without even knowing him or preparing. And while we were teaching him it was like the room was still! SO COOL. And I realized that our lives may seem so small compared to the billions of people there are in this world, but when an experience in your life is God's way of letting someone else know they are not alone, it becomes SO MUCH MORE than just your life. Your experiences become other people's salvation! THAT is what we are all about! We need to make this life full of life-saving experiences for others!
 Well not to get SUPER gospelicious on ya'll :) It was hailing last night! LIKE CRAZY. It's been cloudy and cold andrainy the past couple days. And it is GREAT hah.
  Ahhh I only have a couple minutes left.. when am I gonna get to see this d-o-g-G of ours!!? I think Kota is THEE cutest name ever hah. Hmmm hm hm what else. OH! The toher day we were teaching a scripture story in Spanish that had to do with a storm.. and ya'll know I don't know scripture stories that well haha. But ANYway. We were trying to describe the storm since we don't know the word 'storm' in Spanish.. and so all we knew was to describe that the waters were evil and on fire hahaha, so we told an Elder in our District Elder Stucki about it, and he was all, "Wellll. That's worse than any storm I could think of." ..hahah. I guess you had to be there. Funny kid!
  Okay, so on Monday I'll have 2 weeks left here. 2 WEEKS OH MY GOSH. I don't wannaleave ! = ForREAL. I think by soaking up every single thing that is here that's nowhere else is the way to love it so much. Nowhere else do 19-year-olds RUN to open doors haha. NOWHERE ELSE.
  But anyway. I'm sorry there's not much Spanish in here once again. Estoy muy cansada porque mi cabeza tiene mucho ingles y espanol cada dia. CADA.dia. hahah but I love you all.. 2 more weeks til I get to talk to you! But who's counting ! I'm sorry I didn't answer all the questions I probably should have, but can't think of!
Lata ON! La iglesia es verdadera,
Hermana Batchkoff

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