Friday, June 3, 2011


Hahhhahah oh my gosh. So tell me why we wake up at 6:15 and I go to the bathroom and find this HUGE DRAGON of a cockroach in the bathroom sink. No somos cochinas o NADA asi ! Pero we've been finding spiders and cockroaches infesting us all.week.long hah. I woke up the other morning with 2 bites of SOMEthing on each of my legs. What was attacking me. I may never.know. hah. But it's okay! We're still kickin. Let's do dis.
  Sooo memba Debra?? She speaks English, but we are constantly running into her at
       'THE Casa Bonita Apartments"

we're there just about every day.. because there's A LOT of Spanish there, and she happens to live there ! So she had asked us to try and help find a detox place she can go we found this place called MATS, and you are accepted and free to come and go on your own will, and it's free for people in Alb.! They just have to have a bed free for the patient to stay. So we called her Wednesday to tell her about it. And you know what she says! She's all, "Oh my gosh how crazy! I just randomly thought about that place last night! You know what, if they have a bed free, I'll go! I'm THERE!" So! They didn't have a bed free Wednesday or Thursday, but Friday we ran into her AGAIN at Casa Bonita, and she was getting ready to go! I guess SHE had called and they finally had a bed free for her. So PLEASE pray for her ! She's gonna be in there for 2 weeks, but if it gets too hard, she can leave on her own will. ..and it'll be hard. So prayers for her would be WAY more than appreciated. :)
  Also! We've been working with la familia Ramirez, with Abraham who has cancer. He doesn't really like Spanish and has a hard time reading Spanish OR English.. so we come over for a little every day to read the Book of Mormon with him in English, since his mom only speaks Spanish. It's SO COOL seeing them change ! He said a serious prayer the other day, with his eyes closed and everything. Him and his family went to church..including Jorge! Remember Jorge!!! Way WAY cool. We've found that most of the work that's actually having success with us is with the less actives.. but I'm WAY more than okay with that hah. Lives are lives. People are people, and they only find happiness when they find God. Because when He is the center of our lives, happiness is the center of our lives. I've found in the lives of these people and in my OWN life that once we realize how important God is in our lives, every decision, every situation becomes easier. It only becomes a burden when the human in us make it a burden.
  this week has been absolutely inSANE. But I can't think of what else to say. We have a loner car right now while ours is getting fixed. And it doesn't have air conditioning, so we've been baking these past couple days hah ! But all of these things that happen..the problems we have with dragons in our house, the air conditioner, the way more than necessary awkward moments that we have, we can either complain about or laugh at, because these are the things that make a mission what it is. The people, and the experiences in between. It's so weird. I never EVER would have thought a mission would be what this one has been to me. I never would have thought I'd feel so lonely, but at the same time, I never would have thought I'd feel so loved. It's incredible.

  La Iglesia es increible. El Evangelio tiene tanto sentido. Es absolutemente lo mas claro y bonito aspecto de la vida. Y esta aqui para nosotros! Para hacer nuestras vidas mas felices, y mas faciles. Nose hace. :)

Este es un poco cortito.. pero es hecho con amor !

con mi testimonio. con mi corazon.

La Hermana B.

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