Monday, June 6, 2011


So I have no idea what to name this e-mail.. not that the title is what you look forward to every week anyway haha. But. You know. Anyway!
  So this week we've been getting a GRIPP of referrals from our neighbors, the English Elders. And 3 of them turned out to be these beyond amazaing people that we've been trying to teach.. one of them is 20 years old, and he has a daughter and has been trying to get off of Coke for awhile now, and we brought a member to our first lesson with him who has a brother in the same situation.. and we didn't even know it ! And she's basically teaching the lesson in tears, while he's sitting there tearing up, and the Spirit was SO THICK you could hardly see through it hah. But the problem is, is that we've been trying since then to teach him, and we've seen him, but he's always on his way out to work, or on Saturday night we visited him, and we saw THE SIGNS. He had a Rockstar drink in his hands, and he went outside because his friends were inside, and his eyes were glazed. Like he was partying. So we go home feeling disgusting. And I'm praying and praying, and I try to go to sleep, and I just start crying, and crying. Because how can that happen?? How can someone feel something SO strong, and then just lose it so quickly. It's so sad how we only have an hour, if that, to change his perspective of the world he's living in the other 23 hours of the day. It is so hard, and it's even harder seeing someone hurt like that. After finding out just a little bit about someone's life. But afterwards, Hna. Holland climbed into bed with me hah, and we started talking and I don't remember WHATT she said, that made me laugh SO HARD. And it made me realize that even in the saddest moments, when you hurt the most for others, Heavenly Father has His OWN way to bring us out of it. The world is tough. But we're tougher than the world. We're better than it, because we were created from Him in the heavens.
  So PLEASE!! I have a few people for you to pray for. Abraham, the boy with brain cancer who has a baptismal date. He went into the hospital the other day because he had thrown up blood with some kid of worm-looking thing in it. So! We had dinner with the Elders that night, and they followed us after dinner to give Abraham a blessing. And Abraham gets tired just walking, and has to walk REALLY slow to get around. But Elder Naumann gave him a blessing right. And in this blessing, Heavenly Father promised Abraham that soon. He'll be walking, and running, and playing with his friends again. What that means, I do NOT know. But the Spirit was so strong, it was incredible. It was incredible to know that Heavenly Father sees what we can't. He guides us so much.
  Also! Saturday when we had dinner with the Elders, we ate at the home of the Ruiz family. And Hna. Ruiz is the president of the Relief Society, and we were talking about the singer Selena.. and the movie. THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER. And she goes to the other room and puts on Selena songs on her computer and comes out dancing hahh ! OH MY GOSH TEMPTATION. I was like. Do I sing?? Do I freak out? hahah. Whatever. But she was all, "Es un regalo para su cumpleanos!" and keeps dancing. haha why are these people SO COOL !
  But anyway. I absolutely love being a missionary. Through everything, I have learned that we need to be patient, because going to be okay. It will ALWAYS. be okay. Heavenly Father knows us, a dentro y a fuera. He knows who we need to meet to change us. He knows who we need, in EVERY.single moment of our lives to keep us hanging on. Yo se que vive mi Senor. Yo se que el Evangelio, y nada mas, trae felicidad. La felicidad la que estamos buscando cada dia. No la podemos encontrar en nada mas. Y yo SE que vamos a hablar Espanol en los cielos. Aprendan!

 hahaha I love you all so much. No puedo creer que voy a cumplir en 2 dias. GUACALA. Pero asi es la vida. Siempre pasan los dias. :p Portense bien k familia!

con amor. con mis oraciones. con mi estilo.
 La Hermana B.

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