Monday, June 13, 2011


Haha this week was horrible. But let's get started family !
     Sooo. This past Wednesday was my birthday, and we had Zone Conference! So it's 7:30 a.m. and we're at the chapel with the other missionaries doing car inspections, and we get a call from President and Sister Miller. Those calls are TERRIFYING when we see their name come up on our phone. Cuz it could be ANYthing from someone getting emergency-transferred (E.T.ed) to something happening in your family. But I'm being dramatic.. I knew everything was fine hah. But! it turns out that they were calling in the car on the way to the chapel to sing me happy birthday ! Sooo then we had Zone Conference, and our branch was in charge of providing the lunch for all the missionaries, and this complete rockstar, Hermana Ruiz (the Relief Society President) had made me a fullon GORGEOUS tres leches cake for the dessert.. and I had told her at dinner before that my birthday is the Dora the Explora theme.. even though I wasn't gonna do anything haha. But she went and got Dora decorations for the cake and EVERYthing ! When she's WAY tight on money too.. way.tight. It's so sad, I'd be happier with them being better off. I could have done without a cake, but it was so sweet anyway. Then.! Later on that night, we went to the TOMPKINS to get DOWN with dinner. Haha they had bbq'ed, they bought a DAIRY QUEEN cake hah, and they got me presents!! They kind of fought to get dinner on my birthday, and I just thought we were gonna eat! It was so sweet of them, especially after going to the Ramirez's house and seeing that Abraham is NOT doing good with his health. Actually, we went over there yesterday and just did chores to help clean up the house while they were helping the little girl, Jannet, with a bee sting, and Abraham with all of his medicine. It was sosad.sososososad. Seeing a family with so much pain, and so many problems that we alone cannot fix. And it's hard just relying on Heavenly Father to do what we can't. But what we CAN do is be there, and that is better than nothing at all.
  Sooo Friday was a good day. Hahah. Before dinnertime, we either got dropped or had to drop 3 of our investigators, and after dinner we got dropped by one of the less active families we're working with. 4 in one day. beautiful. absoLUTEly beautiful hah. Sooo right now we feel like we're stuck. With the area we're in, with the investigators we had that we thought were so ready, with everything. We have no idea what to do when it seems like everyone is falling through these tiny. TINY cracks of the world. Just today we tried giving cards to people at the store and stuff, and 3 people wouldn't even take a card ! ay YAY.! But it's okay. Because things like this happen on missions. We're BOUND to come across these tests of our faith. Actually, on Friday after we got dropped the 3rd time, we walked out and I said, "Que hacemos??!" like. what are we doing??! and I stopped and realized that we had just taught SUCH a powerful lesson, and bourn the most of our testimonies that we had, and still nothing. At times, it really isn't what we do wrong, or anything like that. At times it just ISN'T the time for this person in their lives. Maybe we're just their stepping stone for when they're more ready.
  So Saturday!! haaaaaahahahh. This was a good day. Saturday. We went on exchanges, and I was with my 'sister', Hermana Jardine. We have the same trainer. And our 'grandma' in the mission has already returned home, but she came back to Rio Rancho to live there after her mission. So she had called the Sisters out there and asked them to help with this special needs fundraiser.thing. So we go there thinking we're gonna be helping Special Needs children for a few hours, but in reality ! It turns out to be a fundraiser to raise money for these children.. and the fundraiser was like. a Zumba concert? Class 'extravaganza' hahahah. And if yall don't know what Zumba is. It's like. A dance-workout type class, that goes to music like Pitbull and Lil Jon and everything. So! We're handling the tickets in this huge stadium for 4 hours or so, with this BOOMING rap music in the background and everyone dancing the ENTIRE TIME. Apparently half of the Spanish branch there had come down to do it too hahah. OMGOSH I feel like if I could survive not dancing to that for 4 hours, I could survive anything. .. . ....well no that was dramatic hahah. But seriously. So! While we were there, we put pass-aong cards with all of the fliers we were supposed to give everyone hah. What else are we gonna do :p And it was way cool, because we stayed calm and decided to roll with it, since we couldn't do anything else. And I realized right then that the Spirit was still with us, because we have the GIFT of the Holy Ghost. In whatever situation we're in, in our families, our marriages, our companionships, if we have the Spirit with us, we can be in any place and be absolutely fine. But if it is the opposite, we can be in the temple and the Spirit won't be with us if we aren't being worthy to have it, or dependent on it. It saves us. It really really saves us.
  So anyway! That's the week I had. Thank you for everything you do. And thank you for those who are even reading this. Who have SOME kind of interest in what it's like out here hah. Todos nosotros necesitamos recordarnos de que si tenemos la fe, tenemos todo. Pero la responsibilidad es la nuestra para controlar y averiguar exactamente en que tengamos esta fe. Porque yo testifico con todo que si no es en Dios, no es en nada.

I love ya'll! I'm sorry this e-mail isn't. that amazing. haha but know that I mean well. Es que mi cabezita esta locita ahora :)

pray for Abraham please! And the Ramirez family! I love ya'll!

La Herm

ana B.

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