Monday, February 7, 2011

I guess i should start giving these titles - 2/7/2010

I guesss. We could call this one. Frozen toes. And a baptism. hahaha

  So this week has been commmPLETELY. CRAZY. It started with a 'storm', where we had snow and it got down to 6 degrees during the day. 6 degrees! Apparently it's a record for the history of El Paso. So we got a text from our Zone Leaders onnn Wednesday night I believe? Saying that we should turn on the faucets to leak so the pipes don't burst, apparently. Soooo. This having never happened to ME before, we decided to go with it. And we were fine, but people allll around El Paso's pipes burst, their homes flooded, and the water was either frozen or all gone from flooding everywhere. It was like a tragedy happened here. So now! There's water, but we can't take showers until Wednesday or Thursday, so they can try and get this water back on track. And would you GUESS WHATT! I still have all the cleaning wipes Mom sent me, so we can use those until then! You. Inspired woman Mom. ;)
  That being said! There was going to be a baptism for the Elders on Friday. Every single building in our stake AND the stake next to us was flooded, except for the building in Fabens we thought. So the Elders go down there after we had District 'Council" on Friday to go check it out. Only! To find that the Fabens building is flooded 2 feet high with water. So! Even though our building wasn't flooded, they had turned all of the water off for every building so they wouldn't flood anymore. So we had OUR font, but there wasn't any water to come out of it to fill it up. So! Tha

t being said, some of the missionaries wanted to just reschedule it, but a couple of us were like N. WAY. We are not in ANY! Way gonna let this stop a baptism from happening. From a soul being saved for someone who had been waiting, and waiting to be baptized. So! The Elders and Sisters were all on their way to the chapel, and Hermana Newbold and I got every single trashcan from every classroom-the big ones too, and once everyone got here, we all set out to find members' homes to fill up the trashcans with water to fill up the font. So! It's 34 degrees outside by this time in the middle of the day, and Hermana Newbold and I get to go to the Maser's to fill up. So we bring the hose out, and Hermana Newbold was holding the hose in the trashcan, but the hose we were using had holes in 3 parts. So I got to group them all together, and just GRIP them with all that I had so that the water could get into the trashcans. So the water's spraying out from the sides, and by the time we're about halfway through the first big trashcan, my socks and shoes and all of the front of me is completely SOAKED. IT.WAS.FREEZING. But! We got them filled up! And then we got into the truck and I had to drive like. 20 miles an hour to be able to keep the water in them on the way to the chapel. My heart stopped every time we saw a little splash out, I am NOT. Even kidding haha. So once everyone got to the chapel, we started getting the trashcans out of the truck beds to drag them to the kitchen to start boiling the water. And at this point, I decided to take my shoes and sock
s off, because they were soaked, and I figured they were just gonna freeze me even more. So I'm running back and forth with these trashcans, barefoot when it's 32-34 degrees outside. And it comes to the point where my toes are at the hurting point from being just about frozen. And I run out to get another trashcan and I.start.crying. when I'm trying to get it down, because my toes are hurting so much. But Heavenly Father needed every single one of us! So by that point, while I'm trying to get over crying and keep going, Elders Jordan and Evans run out to get more and they're all, "oh my gosh what's wrong??" and I tell them how frozen my feet are but that I just needed to keep going so I wouldn't think about it. But they said they weren't gonna do any more work until I went inside and made my feet warm. Ew. Why do they have to be so nice like that haha. So I went in for a little, then the others went out for some more water, while there was water boiling and it was me, Hna. Newbold, Elder Driggs, and Elder Perez.. And so Elder Driggs happened to wear 2 pairs of socks that day because of the cold, and gave me his jacket, gloves, and socks to wear hahaha. Until I finally warmed up, then me and him just bucked up and went into the font with the water that there was, and we started picking out the pieces of grass and stuff from the hose water.. at least we tried haha. Because it wasn't really making THAT big of a difference. So anyway! We were just praying, and praying, and PRAYING for the water to heat up, for enough water to fill the font, for a baptism to actually HAPPEN because of our entire day's worth of running back and forth, literally every step we were taking being on faith. Because all of the cards that were being thrown out could have so possibly made this seem IMpossible. So it comes time for the baptism. And Cecilia comes, and we were able to get the water up to the 2nd step of the font. Which was POSSIBLE. She just got on her knees, and she's all, "Oh my gosh it's so cold!!!!!" but when she gets out of the font, she cried and said, "it's not cold anymore...!" How amazing. She was baptized, to Jesus Christ's church. Because of faith. That whole baptism rode on miracles. It was absolutely incredible. And what was even MORE incredible! Yesterday was Stake Conference. And the Stake President, President Anderson, apparently heard about this story and spoke of it to the entire stake that was there yesterday. Talking about how the missionaries didn't give up. And you know what it made me realize? Missionary work honestly rides/works on miracles. If miracles ceased, missionary work would.
  So on Saturday night, we had dinner with the Bush family in the English Ward. They just moved down here, and there are 7 kids in this family. And this family is SO COOL! So we have dinner with them, like I said. And we walk up to the door of the house right. The other 3 Hermanas in my District and me. And there's a piece of paper that says "The Silver Roses" that's posted on the front door. So we knock, not understanding anything, and 2 of the kids, Jonas and Troy, open the door with a fullon suit with bowties and say calmly, "Welcome to the Silver Roses.. let us show you to your table." And they take us to the candlelit kitchen table hahah! IT WAS SO AMAZING. They took our orders, and it was SO CUTE, when I would ask if it was okay that I have something, little Troy would say, "That's fine," and tap my shoulder as he walked past me alll completely calm, and then he would go into the kitchen right next to us and be like, "Salad! We needs salads for them!" completely freaking out. But the 'chefs' were in super cute aprons and everything. And by the end of dinner, I peeked into the kitchen and saw plates and cups and stuff EVERY.where. hahah it was so completely adorable.
 Sooo. One more thing. Yesterday was Stake Conference, and Elder Gong of the 70 came! The missionaries were there early to usher and greet people, and I was at the door greeting people, when he came in. And I never knew what he looked like, but he shook our hands and I said hi to him too, and the Elder next to me said, "That was Elder Gong".... WHATT! It was weird, because I kiiind of had a feeling it was him, but he didn't stare into my soul like M. Russell Ballard did when I met HIM haha, so it made me wonder. But amazing right!

  To cut this off right now before I run out of room to write.. if that's possible, miracles happen every single hour, every single minute of every single day. So if we are walking completely by faith, searching for our Savior's hand to hold, He will hold it, and He will show just how much we can do with Him! As long as we hold on. He can only hold on to us so much, because we need to do what WE have to in order to hang onto Him.

  Entonces, este es mi testimonio para ustedes hoy. Cuando guardamos los mandamientos y la fe, milagros van a pasar. Cuando guardamos los mandamientos, todo va a estar bien! TODO. LEs prometo esto. Diso esta mas cerca a nostros que pesemos, en mi opinion. Perseveren! No tenemos mucho tiempo para crecer, pero tenemos oportunidades. Es lo que hagamos con estas oportunidades que puedan ayudarnos a crecer y mejora, y ver las manos de Dios en cada cosa, en cada dia.

Les quiero MUCHO! HAce lo Justo... Choose the Right ;)

La Iglesia es Verdadera, La Hermana B


  1. Oh my gosh, that "water for the baptism" story is awesome!!! It should be in the New Era!!!

  2. Translation: "So, this is my testimony for you today. When we keep the commandments and the faith, miracles will happen. When we keep the commandments, everything will be fine. EVERYTHING. I promise you this. God is closer to us than we think, in my opinion. Persevere! We don't have much time to grow, but we have opportunities. It is what we do with these opportunities that can help us grow and improve, and see the hands of God in each thing, in each day."