Monday, February 28, 2011

TRANSFER 1. - 1/28/2011

I'm getting transferred !! OH MY GOSH this is so unreal. This has become such home to me, I don't even know what to think. So on top of the absolutely mindblowing news of getting transferred..up to Albuquerque..with Hna. Holland from the MTC :O.. I'm sick ! And yesterday we went to say goodbye to people, and it was WAY windy.. up to 60 MPH last night and freezing. So I'm running from house to house trying to get in and say goodbye before mother nature swallows me up haha. But I got to do it! And say goodbye to most of the people and families that have completely changed my life. It was weird, being sick, I had made it yesterday so that I didn't really have any emotion in me. I was kind of just 'there', but then when we were saying our goodbyes, I decided to go to the Spanish Bishop's home, Bishop (Obispo) Zuniga. And Megan, the adorable little girl in their family who we call each other best friend all the time, apparently was crying on the way home from church today, saying that 'her best friend is leaving'. So I'm talking to them, And Obispo gets all emotional while vocally writing in my yearbook. So I'm trying and trying to stay emotionless, but I say goodbye and walk out of there house and just.start.BALLING. Trying to walk to the car. With the blowing dirt in my eyes haha. And right then I realized exactly how attached I have become to the people here. Yesterday Lucy came to church, and during Relief Society I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was crying. I personally thought she was touched by the lesson, but afterwards I asked her about it, and she said it had just hither that I was leaving and just started hugging me and crying! Saying how I was one of the people who she needed at just the right time to introduce her to this gospel. How humbling is that. How amazing is it to know there IS someone who has needed me.. and as much as I needed them haha. They have all taught me so much more about love and about being Christlike than I feel I could have ever taught them. I can't believe I won't be seeing them for awhile. But I know this isn't really 'it'.. ..... for SOME crazy reason.. ....... ...
  But anyway, so Friday was my 6 month mark! I'm going home in less than a year. If THAT'S not mindblowing I don't know WHAT is ! It was Elder Driggs' and my 6-month mark, so I found out what his favorite breakfast was and found a recipe to make it for District Meeting, which was on Friday. If THAT'S not a party, I don't know WHAT is ! haha, but seriously. .. .... anyway ! So that was Friday. I don't really know much else huge that has happened this week, except for transfer calls. That was pretty huge haha. But you know what is so amazing about all of this, is realizing just how well Heavenly Father knows us, and how we have needed to come across these people in our lives that would help define us, and that we would ONLY come across through going on a mission. I honestly don't know ANY other way I would have made it out to El Paso, Texas, ever in my life, and met and grown to love these people as I have been able to.
  How many times are God's hands in our lives everyday? Or is it just so constant that we just don't take the time to see it anymore? I heard someone on say, "When you see something so often, you see it less and less." How often do we see the carpet on our floors, not even realizing that that is NOT something everyone has? How often do we see the scriptures next to us, not even realizing the feeling of not having them.. the
emptiness that comes from not being able to have them? So that is what I am trying to do more. Is to truly see what is in front of my eyes, but that I don't really LOOK at.

  Anyway though, la iglesia es verdadera. No hay un otro camino a felicidad excepto el Evangelio. Necesitamos ver las manos de Dios en nuestras vidas, porque El esta alli.

p.s. Lucy's back! The day after I wrote about h

er dropping us, she calls us! I LOVE HER. And am actually wearing the sweater she gave me right this second :) Prayers for her would be WAY! More than appreciated.

Okay! I love ya'll! Sorry this e-mail's so short.. but pictures say A LOT more words than I ever could. ;)

La Hermana Batchkoff

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