Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey! So this is the last week before transfers this weekend.. and CHECK DISS! My 6-month is this month. I have to say, most people say it's flown, but I honestly feel like I've been here for.EVER haha. Not in a bad way at all. It's just different trying to imagine a life before missionary work 24/7. But anyway! Let's do dis.
So this week has, yet again, been a completely different week. We've been doing a lot of less active work, and yesterday! 3 of the families we've been working with came to church yesterday! I don't really know what it is about the less actives that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, but every time I go to a less active's home, I feel like when they truly open their hearts up to the Spirit, they get back to the feeling they felt when they were baptized. And it's so cool seeing the light back in their eyes. It's so cool seeing their efforts, and every week that they're in church, their eyes lit up JUST that much more. It is WAY cool.
So there is this 15-year-old, Julio, from the Spanish Ward who has a brain tumor. They discovered it on his birthday, and he's been in the hospital ever since. The hospital he's at is out of our area, but I had a doctor's appointment out by that hospital last week, so we went and visited him. 'They' say they're expecting him to be in the hospital for one more year.... ONE MORE YEAR! But we walk in there to surprise him, and he starts crying. And saying he didn't expect us to visit him, but he was so glad we came. And he just goes on bearing his testimony about how much of a miracle it is that he's sick and that this has happened to him, because it's brought his family together, and it's going to be an experience he can use when HE'S a missionary. He says the first thing he's going to do when he gets out of the hospital is bear his testimony about how much Heavenly Father answers prayers. He made a wish on his birthday to be able to make life better for someone, and he is beyond happy and grateful for the fact that he's in the hospital, so that others lives could be blessed from him being there. Talk about the absolute most selfless person I have ever met. Every single thing that can be looked at as a hardship for him, he is looking at as one of the greatest things that could be happening to him right now, and he wouldn't want life any other way. How many of us would look at that situation exactly the same? Being in a hospital bed for a year, not having a promise that you will make it out alive. in my mind, VERY few can take what he has been given with as much enthusiasm as he has. What an example to all of us who are going through hardships. It can always be worse. It can ALWAYS. Be worse. I have a picture with him I'll send here, of this inspiration in a 15-year-old body.
What else? Oh! So on Friday, Elders Evans and Driggs brought this kind of chili.. sauce/goo type stuff, called "The Bomb 2", for all of us to try. It's crazy, the kinds of hot sauces and chiles there are to get out here are RIDICULOUS. Some of them you have to sign a waver before buying, because they're the hottest, or from the hottest peppers in the world. Sooo anyway. They brought toothpicks for all of us to try this stuff, and Elder Evans said to not breathe in right after putting it on our tongue, because then the heat will just go straight back to our throat. Which apparently I didn't wait long enough to breathe in, anddd. It went straight to the back of my throat. Which I have a picture of. Which ya'll will love I'm sure. .. ......... ... :I. haha
Saturday night! Was the Valentine's Day Part A for the English Ward, which was SO FUN haha. Of all things to have at a Valentine's Day party, there was a professional Elvis impersonator there. ..out of all things. And so we wanted a picture with him at the end of the night, anddd. He full-on puts his arms around us. So. They were about to click and I struck the most uncomfortably comfortable pose I could. Just so you know. I didn't want it. hahaha, but there are these kids, the Williams kids, who I was hanging out with all night and we were putting V-Day stickers on our faces. Since we were the most unnoticed people in the entire party haha.
So yesterday! Yesterday was Sunday. And I taught Gospel Principles in the English Ward. Then the Spanish Ward is afterward, and the Ward Mission Leader, Hermano Adame, asks me right after Sacrament if I could teach Gospel Principles because he had something to do really fast. Out of every single one of the missionaries that has been out here about a year or more longer than me. Whoooooo. haha, so I say yes, even though all I knew to teach was. "Chapter 4." Oh! Chapter 4. Brilliant I know chapter 4. front to back. .. ..... :I. Sooo. Ususally it's just the missionaries in that class. But TO OUR SURPRISE. We walked into the classroom yesterday and IT WAS FULL. OH MY GOSH. So I just walk up to the classroom, and Brother Adame gave a prayer asking for the Spirit to be with me, and the class. Was amazing!! It was about agency, and I could understand the paragraphs we were reading, the experiences everyone was telling me about. And what amazed ME the most was the fact that I was completely calm just about the entire time. It was such a blessing, and such an amazing feeling knowing that when Heavenly Father truly needs me, He will use me to help others when I least expect it.
You know what I have realized? Trusting in the Lord is what we need to do. In no way shape or form do I feel I am an example of that. Even as a missionary, despite what others may think. But when has He ever given us reason NOT to trust him? He has gotten us to the exact point we are at right this second. Whatever trial we may be in, however complete we may feel, He has brought us to this point right now. And whatever choices we make reflect who are are trying to follow. Whether or not we choose eternal life with our Father. They are so important!

Anyway family. Everyday is a blessing. Everyday is an empty vessel that we can make into whatever we want to. Choose the Right. Be strong. Hold on to the rod.


Les quiero. MUCHO :P

La Hermana Batchkoff

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