Saturday, October 29, 2011

Un Titulo Creativisimo

maaann what a week. It's so weird how much quicker we get to P-day every single week.. and  exactly a week from now is Halloween >:O!! CRAZY. Sooo wat in da WORLD do we talk about today. This past week was completely inSANE. On Thursday, we had this special joint Zone Conference, where all of the Northern Zones went to Albuquerque...shoutz to Alvarado what WHATT..! hahhha how lame. But the main speaker of the Conference was Elder Per G. Malm of the Seventy ! It was SUCH an incredible conference.. and what made it the most incredible was that he would talk to us, he would make us laugh, but then he would randomly look out at all of the missionaries, ask a question, and then choose one to come up and bear their testimony. These missionaries that came up had to dig deep and share the testimony about what Elder Malm wanted to share, and it was incredible seeing these 20-22-year old kids sharing their hearts and crying from how good they want to be, sharing how they don't want to disappoint absolutely anyone they have met on their missions, or sharing about how absolutely true they know this church is. It is incredible seeing the depths of people you didn't even really know an hour before. It is so incredible seeing the vulnerability that every single person has. It's incredible being able to see someone for who they really are.
  I haven't been able to cry lately. Maybe because I'm too tired to, or maybe because I just haven't put forth the effort to feel as much as I could, and should. But there was this one point of the conference where Elder Smith sang to "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". And the most touched I have been all week was when he's about to sing the very last word of the song, "He lives".. and his face goes bright red, and his eyes fill with tears, and he baaarrely gets the word 'lives' out of his mouth. . ..... . ...and thinking back to that song STILL makes me want to cry, knowing that this missionary, as young as he may be, as imperfect as he maybe, he knows that his Redeemer lives, so much to the point that it brought him to tears in front of an entire group of missionaries. And that was what it took for me to open my heart and finally feel, and that is when I finally made it so I was able to cry, and not having done so for so long. It was so incredible, being able to see and feel what was going through his heart, and being able to realize that we will never connect unless we feel. The only key is letting your heart stay open to feeling.
  Cool story !! So. On Friday, we had SUCH a good day planned. We had appointments set up, and membersto come to all of them with us, and even our investigator was going to come to our dinner appt. with us. Welll. In the matter of about 2 1/2 minutes, every member called and said they wouldn't be able to make it, AND our investigator said that she wouldn't be able to come to dinner. whatt !! So. We were trying to find the lesson to learn in it. and trying and trying, when all of a sudden our Ward Mission Leader calls us and tells us that he's going to take his family to L*****'s and wants us to come along and see if J****, our investigator and L*****'s husband, is there, so we could talk to him and L*****. So of course we got our stuff and went.. and we got there.. J**** wasn't there, and it was just like normal. L***** made the family food, and we talked to her for awhile and taught her, and then we left, wondering if there was ANY significance of going out there, or any specific reason. But we remembered that L***** was talking to us about her daughter-in-law, and how she had gotten a blessing the night before, and it had said that she needs a framed picture of Christ in her house. So at the end of the night, we decide to go get her a frame, cuz we have a grippp of pictures of Christ that we could frame and give to her. And we're driving towards Wal Mart, when we have a better idea to go to The Dollar Tree. So we get the frame right. I don't wanna make this story longer than it is. hah and we go to pay, and I start talking to the woman, who looks Spanish too. BEAUTIFUL. So we're talking, and I ask her where she's  from. And she says California. And so I said, "Oh my gosh me too !!" and at the same time we both say, "What part??" and I say Riverside. And she's all, "NO way me too!!" And then I say, "Whatt!! Well I'm from Moreno Valley, but nobody knows Moreno Valley, so I just say Riverside.." and she's like, "ARE YOU SERIOUS !! That is SO crazy me too !! I know allll the streets you're talking about, how crazy is that!!" And she starts naming off streets from Mo Val and everything ! WHATT ! haha so apparently she's lived here for 2 years, and she just kept on aying, "this was NOT by chance. This is so crazy how this all happened." And then she asks us if we're Mormon, and we tell her yes and that we're missionaries, and then she's all, "Do you have a card at all that I can have?" One of theee first times in this mission where someone's asked US for a card haha. And she goes on to say that she's going to call us, because she doesn't want to open up and start crying right then and there. I don't know her life at all, but if there's anything I DO know, it was that Heavenly father loves her so much that He went through leaps and bounds, making it impossible in every way for us to have gone to our appointments, since they were all cancelled, because M*****-our new friend :)- needed to know that He is there. He made everything fall apart for everyone else, knowing that they would be okay and He would take care of them, so that He could help another one of His children. I had no idea how much He was guiding us, or what the importance was of our going to visit L***** until that very moment. We never ever would have had a reason to go to the Dollar Tree had our appointments not fallen through. We never would have even been over in that area had we not had the time to go see L*****. Heavenly ather knows exactly what we need in the exact time that we need it, and I truly truly know that, especiallyyy after Friday night. He is in complete control.
  M***** still hasn't called us yet, but ! We're missionaries who don't give up on anybody's potential.. .... and we're allllso missionaries who know where she works. hahahh so please pray for her !!
  Umm funny story before I 'blow this popsicle stand' (Hna. Henderson-hahahaha).. sooo last night we went arouuundd 8ish..? to contact a referral from the Zone Leaders. The referral wasn't home, and so we started walking away, when this kid is coming down the stairs of the apartments. I can't judge.. but it looked like he was 'up to no good'..he had the tattoos and was in a biggg hurry and all of that. But he's a person, so we said hi! And he mumbles 'hey', and then we just started walking away since he was practically running, and then he stops and he's all, "Wait.. ya'll aren't Mormons are you?" And I say, "Ya," and he says something along the lines of, "Aww naww." with this horrible look on his face, like he's looking down at us. hah whatt !! Buuutt afterwards, we didn't feel that safe being there.. so we're on the way to the car.. walking with purpose ! hha and then we say hi to these 2 men that were walking in front of our car, and one asks us how we are, we ask him how he is, and right before we get in the car he just looks back at us and he says, "!" like he noticed something about us, or was thinking about something. or SOMEthing haha I have NO idea. Buuutt. Anyway. weeeirrd weird things. Gosh Albuquerque. hah
  De todos modos, no tengo nada mas que decir. ojala que todo este bien con cada uno de ustedes, y ojala que sepan que tanto que les quiero. nos vemos !!
La Iglesia es verdadera.......
La Hermana B.

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