Monday, October 17, 2011

Casi La Noche de Brujas :0

Mannn what a week. You wanna hear something cool?? M****** FAMILY WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY :O !!!! SO COOL hah. I felt like a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time or something when I saw them hah. And afterwards, my girl J**** comes up to us and she's all, "See? We went to church!!" haha it was so cool. soooo so so so cool. We had gone over there to eat dinner with them the other day, and I was teaching J**** some hip hop haha.. but without music. nothing bad. And I really really realized that you have GOT to get on someone's level before they can trust you to reach another one. Afterwards, me and her played companions and shared a message with the rest of her family about just how she was following me, we need to follow our Heavenly Father, who knows what HE'S doing. And it sounds so simple, but it is SO absolutely true..He already gives us what He knows we need, like the scriptures. and prayer. and church. these super super simple things, and we just need to do them, absolutely trusting that He knows what He's doing by commanding us to do these things. Sooo anyway. THAT was really cool.
  We've been having a looott of trouble with our investigators keeping their commitments, especiallyyy reading the Book of Mormon. I COULD say that I don't understand why, because it's a book that says on the front that it's another testament of Jesus Christ, so wouldn't someone be curious as to how ? But I can't judge at all, for all of the years that I didn't read it, or even glance over at it at that. So I understand, and as a result I've been bearing my testimony a LOT of the Book of Mormon, and it's so cool, because I realized how strong my testimony had to, and still has to be to be able to bear it over and over. We have to absolutely know something is true to be able to talk about and defend it constantly. No matter how hard it is.. cuz it'll get hard. But it won't be a burden if we love it.
  I had this dream on Friday night. It was really weird, there was this kind of race that me and a bunch of loved ones were running, but from different places and we were all trying to get to the same 'finish line'. it wasn't really a 'race' was more of a race against ourselves to see if we would make it. and i remember going through all of these mountains, with a bunch of red a green and rain and stuff like that, and i was thinking about all my other friends and family, and wondering how THEIR course was.. if it was the same, if they had the same amount of troubles and obstacles that I was having, if they were making it. I was pushing and pushing and pushing, not really thinking about whether I was gonna make it or not. But I was wondering if they were going to. Haha really fast.. we ran in this race like how Edward and the vampires run in Twilight hahah ! anyways. So I remember that I was finally finally seeing the end-which was at the onramp to the 60 freeway from the 90, like you're coming back from the beach haha, and I was looking for my friends all over the place as I was on my way home, and of all the people who had started, you know who the only person was that I saw?? My brotha Zachary Jimenez! And he looked super tired, but I remember how happy I was seeing that HE made it too, through the horrible maze of life he had to go through. And I just hugged and hugged and hugged him, and he knew how worth it that it was to have gone through that race/maze, knowing that he made it.
  So this dream was super cool, and it made me realize how much of a part we act have in helping others realize the help that Heavenly Father offers. Every single one of us is a manifestation of missionary work, whether it be member missionary work or full-time missionary work. We all have a testimony of it, in one way or another, and we all have a responsibility to help others gain a testimony of it. If not, how selfish are we keeping in what makes us happy. There was this movie I was watching the other day, and one of the greatest men from the Restoration said, "Callings are seldom convenient." It doesn't matter at all how much we do or don't want to talk to someone, or pick someone up for church, or invite someone to have a family home evening. Heavenly Father's work isn't supposed to be convenient for us. And quite sadly, I feel that that's why there aren't more people out on missions, because it's not convenient. But either way! Whatever the situation, whatever the circumstance that we are in, there is a way for us to make our Heavenly Father even happier with us when we share our happiness.

  Pondria yo algo mas en el Espanol, pero no tengo la energía jaajaja. Pero así es en la obra del Senor. Tenemos que trabajar hasta que nos caigamos, para que sepamos.. verdaderamente sepamos que El esta contento con nosotros. No hay ningún mejor sentimiento.

Con Amor ! Hermana Lia Batchkoff

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