Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"its never too late to be what you might have been"

Which is the quote that I am absolutely living by lately hahah.. well. forever.
  We don't see enough of our potential, and as a result, we end up getting lost in the average things we do. We end up getting lost in how easy it is to stay on the computer all day, or how easy it is to not open up our mouths about something that matters, or stretch ourselves to actually see all that we can become. But after our District Leader texted us that quote the other day, I realized that it's never too late. So ya, we may have stayed on the computer all day yesterday-not us as in my companion and i hah..just people in general :p-but today, there is so much we can do that can be of such good worth. Whether it be just chillin outside of Target and looking for people whose carts you can take in for them. Every little thing that we do ups our potential and starts erasing more things on the list of things we don't feel we can do. Because we'll have more confidence in ourselves, and we'll see, really see, that if we're following the One who has no boundaries, our capabilities will have no boundaries.
  Anyway, it's been a good week, more or less !******* came to church on Sunday.. whoop WHOOPP ! hah I was so excited. SOOOO excited seeing her walk in. I have no clue HOW long it's been since she's been to church. But. Just like the quote says. She didn't let that phase her, and she came. And that was the most important part, and I imagine that that's the most important part to Heavenly Father too.. even though I can't speak for Him.
  ummm funny stuff that happened. Oh ! This isn't the first time this has happened in this mission.. but we had a lesson on Saturday.. at 1 p.m. that we had invited a member to come with us to.. by the way. shouts to ******* ! ..the member.. who's gonna be going to serve in Nicaragua.. tomorrow.! :p but we come up to the house, with an open garage door. So they're home right! So we walk up to the door and hear the t.v. inside and the family and stuff, and we knock. And one of the little daughters opens the door, and her mom asks who it is. So she tells her mom, "It's.. 3 ladies..!" and she goes and her and her mom are whispering, or something like that, and alll of a sudden. the door closes. hahaha. Sooo we're like. we have faith. maybe her mom's gonna come and open it back up. but instead!! The other kids are coming up to the window right by the door and looking through the blinds to look at us..and just laugh. and run away. hahaha !! Sooo. we knock again. justincase x). and then write a note, saying that we're sorry that we must have missed them. ha. hahaha. hah. howawkward.
  buuutt anyway. Other than that, everything's going well. Time keeps going by before my eyes. I just want all of these people to be happy. And it's hard when they don't see that life is going to beokay.. better than okay, if they just do what they need to. It's so easy, but at the same time it's so hard, just because we can't be strong alone. We really really need to help each other, at times more than ourselves if we're already fine, if that makes sense. But anyway. I love ya'll. B who you know you can be.
  que seas la persona que sabes que puede ser.
  la vida es tan cortita.. hay que aprovecharla verdad :) Portense bien :p
La Iglesia es Verdadera....
La Hermana B.

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