Monday, November 15, 2010

Email - 11/15/2010

So. Harry Potter's coming out this Friday don't you act like I don't know life in Texas! haha Sister Greaves, who Dad got to talk to on da phone, was talking to me about it cuz I was all WHATT! When is it again??! And she's all, "It' okay you're in the service of the Lord and IT' THIS FRIDAY!" ahhah, but that's okay! I get to e-mail ya'll! HOW ARE YOU. I miss every single one of you so much. Missions are so insane. There isn't really ONE thing I could pinpoint, but being on one just tests me every single day to just 'push'. And to keep pushing. Yesterday NONE of our investigators came to church. NOT ONE. And I have GOT to tell you, it had to be THEE MOST disappointed I've been in a MINUTE. Because you give so much, and you're SO sure they're gonna come. But you know what I realized? It's like a breakup. If you spend so much time dwelling on what you may or may have not done right in getting them to stay with you (or in THIS case. come to church hah), you may very well pass by every single opportunity throughout the day to shine the light that God gives you to find others who ARE willing to listen to what you have to say. We cannot waste one second not showing the world how happy we are to have this gospel !
  I kind of left the whole breakup part at the end of that haha. But you wanna hear this story from tracting? They're always fun hah. SO. We'r tracting the other day right. And we walk up to this house, where a band is practicing in a closed garage. And it's one of those scream-o bands (....?) and you know. not to judge. But they WERE HORRIBLE haha. It was alll electric guitar and everything, and the front door's RIGHT next to the garage. So we go up anyway, and this 16-yr. old or so answers the door. So my companion's in front of him, YELLING to him about the church so hecould hear, and THEN. The singer, or screamer of the band, just starts SHRIEKING. Or whatever it is.. because I don't have that kind of sound on any of our cd's in the car .. ....and so she keeps yelling louder, and the kid's listening like there ISN'T a band right next to us that's making it nearly impossible for us to hear each other. SO! It may not sound very funny, but I felt SO BAD standing there, having to cover up my mouth with our Book of Mormon or cough to cover up my laughing hahaaaaha :)
  But anyway though! So I thank you for the package I got :D Ya'll are ONIT! And all the quotes in the inside flaps, which I'm guessinggg Gina made ? LOVE THEM. haha, WE LOVE the Kudos bars too. Rememba those?? Except. They seemed bigger when I was little. BUT then again. I don't remember the '100 calorie' phrase on the front either ;) these are better!! haha, so! I neeedd to think of anything else to type, because so much happens, but I am not EVEN kidding you it all seems to be such a blur now :p
  The other night-Friday night- we went to visit a grip of people, and NOBODY was home! And THEN we remembered. Well. como se dice(how do you say) DUH. It's Friday night. But to missionaries, it's just another day hah ! LAME. So we finally went to see Brother McDurmed and his family. He's an older man, but his family's younger and they all live together, and his wife just died 2 months or so ago. And he's been strong, but when we visited him he just looked a WRECK. He just got over being sick, so he's lost weight, and he's been working because noone else in the family works, so I think when we saw him it was one of those times he got to himself, where everything came to life, and he was just having a HARD TIME. So we just talked to him, and he really just needed someone to talk to I think. And before we left, he told us about how we bring sunshine to their home-'even at night!' hah, it's cool though. After getting rejected all day, it's nice to see someone who is still happy to see us. And not just us, but the gospel in general. i don't think I would realize had I not decided to serve a mission exactly how important this gospel is. But! IT IS.
  SO. That being said. I hope you're doing aiight family. Thanksgiving's coming up.. or. El dia de gracias. :p we have dinner with a Spanish family allllready set up. And hey! I think my Spanish is getting better! And even if it's not, I've realized if I just talk like I know what I'm saying, people will listen to ME more, NOT to what they could help correct me on. ..imagine that. hahah
  I don't wanna log off! OH! We tracted into this family! The dad's name is Chris, and he's in the Army. And they lived in Hawaii and got to see the Christus ? And said it was WAY moving. I'll write more about them in the letter, but I LOVE THEM. They were so friendly. It's just surprising how much English I'm speaking. It's tough switching abck and forth too! Props for the bilingual hijos running around the chapel here that can do it like NOTHING. hahah :p
Pues, mi familia, ustedes soon muy cerca a mi corazon. Pienso sobre ustedes cada dia, y espero que ustedes estan fuerte ahora! Hay muchas personas que necesitan que les tienen. POR FAVOR tienen una sonrisa cada dia! Vida es tan corta. ajaj mi espanol es horrible :)
I hear there are new changes on Facebook. I wish it would just stop til I get back hahaha. J/k :P
"The Spirit is something that if you don' t feel, noone around you will feel" Elder Anderson
Hermana Batchkoff
p.s. could you tell me if the pictures I send come out? Cuz if not. I have A LOT to print! hah

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  1. You are SO dead for posting that picture online! It makes me look like a freak! And a fat one to boot!