Monday, November 8, 2010


Heyyy now ! We don't get that much time to e-mail today, sooo HOPEfully! My pictures can say 1,000 words. BUT FIRST. I DID make a list of what I wanted to specifically tell ya'll hah :)
I love you! I miss ya'll a lot, but the people out here make me feel SO COMFORTABLE. And by the way Elder Munk. I do NOT! Know how you can get so much into an e-mail in such little time haha.. but here's my list:
sooo. we started teaching this guy Raul right. He just got out of prison, and he's trying to better his life. We contacted him twice in one week..on accident haha, and both times he said he wanted us to come over and teach him. So we did! We taught him the first lesson, and I just felt like asking at the end how he felt, and he's all, "I dunnooo, I feel like. Relaxed, and calm. I don't know why! But I like itttt." ....:O! :D he's sosososo amazing. And in the end before we left we asked him to read and pray, and he's all, "Ya! Ya, I'll do it. I'm gonna read it. I want to" we meet with him tomorrow, and we'll see what happens. His other friend was getting tipsy on mouthwash while we were teaching them haha, so I guess tomorrow should be something ! hah
On Saturday, we went to a Spanish baptism for these 2 8-year-olds because Sister Good had to play the piano(Kira Good by the way-Facebook her :P hah) and I was just sitting in a chair when a lady walks up to me, asking me if I could give a talk on the Holy Ghost in Spanish and lead the music, because those people who were going to weren't there ! SO as a missionary you can't say no to those things! So being the whitegirl, during my talk there was a point where I had to stop and think about what I was gonna say for a second. And it.was.silent.i' Every baby's mouth was shut. And I wanted to scream ME?!??!?! ahhah, but it wasn't that bad ! Just one of those experiences for the journals. I guess. hah
I heard about the money problems too, so don't worry about sending me anything! All I need is a pair of shoes, which I'll send money for.. ya'll are OFFF! THE hook!
You know what I notice being on a mission, that's been the hardest thing for me so far? Being on a mission, I am shown every single weakness on a daily basis, which is what I expected. But it's hard having to act as a disciple of Christand being an example for others of a strong person or as someone that could help and NOT being discouraged realizing every single one of your weaknesses. It's like walking and getting punched and spit on, like Christ even, and just keeping your head up and NOT getting discouraged, knowing that it's part of the chipping process to make us overcome our weaknesses. It's like mindwarping in a way hah. Just staying positive to help others see JUST WHAT the Atonement can do.. EVERYthing ! So ya.
I have another quick story! Yesterday was fast and testimony right ? And in the Spanish ward, the Bishop was up giving his testimony, and WHILE he was giving his testimony, SO MANY PEOPLE were walking up and FILLING IN the choir seats to wait to go bear their testimonies. There was not ONE GAP in between people giving their testimonies, because there were so many people. And there were little kids going up without their parents sharing these EXTREMELY heartfelt testimonies, it was SO AMAZING. To see their faith, and to see how many people wanted to go up and be FEARLESS about sharing their testimonies. SO COOL!

Welll. I'm gonna let this end quick. I hope ya'll are doing well, and I HOPE these pictures go through so that you can see them ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for the letters. The first week where I didn't get any from anyone got me a little worried, so I'm glad to know you're okay :)

choose da right ! Haha Elder Pearson just said I'm "Un poca loca!" ..a little crazy! It just sounds funnier in Spanish :P PAYCE !

Hermana Lia Michele Batchkoff

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